Haripriya Raghavan

Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner
Haripriya Raghavan is an Ayurvedic Practitioner who is passionate about Ayurveda’s simple, logical solutions to improve one’s health. She emphasizes the need to integrate the body and mind to maintain a healthy, and balanced life as well as to heal ailments; taking time for introspection is very important to her.

Having grown up in Kerala, Ayurveda was always a part of her life. Now, she enjoys understanding and sharing the science behind the simple remedies that were given to her. She loves to cook and focuses on encouraging everyone to eat healthy. She also teaches Ayurvedic nutrition and conducts cooking classes for preparing healthy, delicious and dosha balancing foods.

Haripriya is also a Yoga instructor, a Pranic healer and a Massage Therapist. Haripriya is also a Carnatic vocalist and an artist, specializing in textiles. She introduces healing through the arts, music and chanting as well.