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Ayurveda, or Traditional Indian Medicine, is often referred to as “the common sense science” because it is a living science, intuitively born from Nature. It is 5,000 years old – the oldest known documented healthcare system! Ayurveda proves to be timeless and essential for today’s world by offering natural, sustainable and affordable health solutions. If you embark on its healing journey of study, you will find that many of the answers to harmonious health and balance are already within you – Ayurveda simply provides the framework.

Ayurveda’s primary goal is to preserve health and prevent disease through natural methods such as nutrition, herbs, meditation & daily routines, though its wisdom goes far beyond the physical body. In addition to improving your own health and wellness, knowledge of Ayurveda is a powerful tool for your professional life and relationships. It offers sustainable and personalized solutions, paving the way for deeper, longer term healing and harmony.


Do you need a flexible course format which fits into your lifestyle?

Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor  program beginning Oct 15, 2019 enables Ayurvedic students of all levels and backgrounds to learn the traditional science of Ayurveda. This training is offered in two formats: (1) combined in person and live streamed format or (2) entirely online via live streaming. All classes are live streamed and recorded for later viewing, and additional  self-paced study is hosted on our robust elearning platform.


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Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor Program Overview

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In this webinar, we overview:

What is Ayurveda?
The Ayurvedic Counselor scope of practice
Professional applications of Ayurvedic Counseling
Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s unique & authentic heritage
Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor (AWC) program requirements, format, curriculum & tuition
Continuing education opportunities & alumni benefits with KAA
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