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Ayurvedic Assessment & Pulse Diagnosis

February 28 @ 8:18 pm UTC+0


Discover the ancient science of Ayurvedic Assessment methodologies including Pulse Diagnosis to detect an individual’s mind-body constitution and state of imbalance. Ayurvedic classical texts clearly explain how to identify the subtle disease conditions which a physical examination or other assessment techniques are unable to recognize.



Live streamed for distance learners


Topics include
  • Three, eight and ten step assessment.
  • Assessment ofPulse (Nadi), Tongue (Jihva), Eye (Netra), Skin (Twak), Stool (Mala), Urine (Mutra), Voice (Sabda), Structure (Akriti).
  • How to perform Ayurvedic assessment of systems and channels (Sroto Pareeksha).
  • How to differentiate between Constitution (Prakriti) and Disease (Vikriti) for accurate assessment, prevention and remedy.
  • The procedure for consolidating the assessment outcome and mapping the Ayurvedic etiopathogenisis (Samprapti).



KAA 101 & 102 or equivalent – knowledge of the fundamentals of Ayurveda including Subdoshas



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February 28, 2024
8:18 pm UTC+0
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