Enhanced Panchakarma Technician certification program: from 50 to 250 hours

It’s an exciting time to be involved in Ayurveda! We’re thrilled at Kerala Ayurveda Academy to introduce an expanded Panchakarma Technician certification program – from 50 to 250 hours. This means our pioneering industry in the U.S. is growing! We’re also happy to announce that it is the first program of its kind in the U.S. designed to meet the National Ayurvedic Medical Association’s new professional competencies for Panchakarma Technicians.

If you enjoyed your previous Panchakarma training with us, we invite you to consider this new and improved program to expand your scope of practice. We know you may have some questions in comparing the two courses, so here are some answers.

If I took the 4-day, 50 hour training, why should I take the new Panchakarma Technician certification? Will it be redundant?

The new program will include some review based on previous learning, new material not previously taught in the 4-day workshop, plus more extensive skills training. It is 200 hours more than the 4-day program, including many additional Ayurvedic Therapies, additional hand-on training hours and more live cases for protocol creation.

What new skills will I learn in the enhanced program?

In addition to learning additional Ayurvedic therapies for increasing fine tuning of treatment, the program enhancements also ensure the students’ competency in customizing each technique for the client with the following capabilities: making a plan based on Samprapti; enhanced knowledge of implementation of each bodywork technique; selection of appropriate oils and natural ingredients for the techniques; selection of the progressive flow of the therapy in a series of program. For graduates of our 4-day program, taking this 250-hour program will enable the student to become a more knowledgeable, capable and confident Panchakarma technician.

Will my credits from the 4-day program transfer?

You will be required to attend all program hours, though graduates of the 4-day training receive $350 credit discount off tuition. For students and alumni of our level II Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner (AWP) program, an additional $250 credit discount is available.


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