Become a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor

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Do you want to lead a holistic life?

Do you wish to deep your healing practice or start a new one?

Find out how Kerala Ayurveda can help you!


Ayurveda, or “the science of life” is a holistic science with a 5,000 year old legacy. It is the oldest known documented healthcare system and originated in the modern-day subcontinent of India, side-by-side with Yoga, its sister science. Kerala Ayurveda offers an authentic education rooted in the ancient traditions.
Our Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification offers individuals career possibilities as Ayurvedic professionals, and graduates of our academy’s certification programs are equipped to support wellness seekers with Ayurvedic interventions, or enhance an existing healing modality. Most importantly, Ayurveda offers everyone a framework for aligning with nature and your true self!


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Meet our Academy Director & Enrollment Advisor to learn everything you need to know about our upcoming AHC program, including:

What is Ayurveda?
The Ayurvedic Health Counselor scope of practice
Professional applications of Ayurvedic Health Counseling
Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s unique & authentic heritage
Ayurvedic Health Counselor program requirements, format, curriculum & tuition
Continuing education opportunities & alumni benefits with KAA



What to expect in the program

The  Ayurvedic Health Counselor program is our level I certification at Kerala Ayurveda Academy
Fall 2021 session begins October 8, 2021
It’s 600 hours of study & 1 year in length
It’s a blend of live, instructor-led classes & self-paced learning
You can take it entirely online
A 4-day In-Class Intensive is available at our Norway location


If you embark on an Ayurvedic journey of study, you’ll enter a powerful portal of healing transformation – a gateway to unlocking your truest potential in all areas of life!


Ayurveda’s primary goal is to preserve health and prevent disease through natural methods such as nutrition, herbs, meditation & daily routines, though its wisdom goes far beyond the physical body. The Ayurvedic definition of health considers all aspects of you – body and mind and spirit.


Authentic Ayurveda taught by experienced Ayurvedic Doctors & Educators

Kerala Ayurveda USA opened our doors in 2006 to share the traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with the western world. All of our programs are taught by Ayurvedic Doctors with BAMS degrees and experience managing various health conditions. They teach from Kerala Ayurveda’s robust curriculum, based on the Vedic texts – the root texts of Ayurveda.

We have deep roots in India, where Kerala Ayurveda Limited has helped hundreds of thousands of wellness seekers since its founding in 1945 on the banks of the Periyar River, in Cochin, Kerala, South India. Our U.S. and India Academies, along with the support of our partner in Norway – Shankha Ayurveda – make this exciting learning opportunity possible for our European and international students.


Our 600 Hour Ayurvedic Health Counselor program can help you:
Uncover your unique constitution and what makes you, YOU!
Learn to adapt the way you eat, sleep, work and breathe to best suit your needs
Help others can do the same!
Improve your relationship to self and others
Enhance your healing practice – Ayurveda complements all modalities, including: Conventional Medicine, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and more!


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