Level II AP | Level III AD | Panchakarma

Professional Certifications

Our professional certifications offer Ayurvedic students and professionals from all schools the opportunity to enhance their scope of practice in ACE-approved programs by the the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.


Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner Program

Level II – AP

1 year – 1,000 hours – in-class,  live streamed & online study
Next session begins: May 6, 2019 
Expand your scope of practice with clinical study of the disease process according to the traditional science of Ayurveda as outlined in the ancient Vedic texts. You’ll learn the etiological factors which contribute to the nature and structure of any disease and management techniques for the various disease stages.



Ayurvedic Doctor Program

Level III – AD

2.5 years – in-class plus live streamed
Next session begins: Aug 24, 2019

Fulfill your potential as an Ayurvedic professional with advanced clinical training at the highest level of certification in the U.S. Program application launches February 8, 2019.




Panchakarma Technician Program

Specialty Certification – PKT

11 months – 250 hours – in-class, live streamed & online study
Next session begins: March 2, 2019

This program enables Ayurvedic students of all levels the opportunity to learn the traditional Panchakarma philosophy and methodologies, including both theoretical and hands-on training in detoxification, rejuvenation and bodywork techniques,



Anatomy and Physiology

Corequisite for Professional Certifications
Self-paced – online

To support our students in achieving the highest caliber of professional competency, Kerala Ayurveda Academy offers an Anatomy and Physiology partner program to satisfy the corequisite requirement for our professional programs (AWC, AWP, AD). Learn more about this requirement and how to satisfy it.