Level II Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification Program (AP)

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Students from all schools of Ayurveda are welcome! Expand your scope of practice with clinical study of the disease process according to the traditional science of Ayurveda as outlined in the ancient Vedic texts. You’ll learn the etiological factors which contribute to the nature and structure of any disease and management techniques for the various disease stages.


Who Should Take This Course


  • Level I Ayurvedic certification at the Counselor, Consultant or Educator level, equivalent to Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC) program.  For Level I AWC graduates of KAA, the total cumulative hours once the level II AP program is completed is 1,625 in total.
  • It is important for Ayurvedic students of professional programs to have adequate knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology (A&P). The equivalent of 6 college level Anatomy & Physiology credits are required. It’s not required to complete the A&P course prior to enrollment in this course; it can be taken simultaneously as a corequisite, as long as it is completed for certification. If you need to satisfy the A&P corequisite, we offer a partner course you can take entirely online. Students are required to provide proof of A&P course completion to receive this certification. To view our partner course or submit your corequisite documentation, click here to learn more >


Learning Outcomes

Scope of Practice

Upon graduation, Ayurvedic Practitioners are able to:

  • Perform Health History intakes, Ayurvedic Nutritional & Lifestyle consultations
  • Determine and analyze a client’s unique Body Constitution
  • Suggest food and lifestyle changes
  • Recommend personalized Ayurvedic Therapies, Home Remedies, Yoga & Pranayama
  • Explain, offer talks, write articles and offer classes on Ayurvedic concepts


For more detail, please see the complete Scope of Practice: Ayurvedic Practitioner.


Professional Applications as an AP graduate

  • Graduates may run a client-based business as a Ayurvedic Practitioner, either as a sole proprietor, by joining an existing wellness center, or partnering with other like-minded healers to form an integrative wellness practice.
  • Graduates may consult with other healthcare providers or like-minded businesses.
  • Licensed Healthcare Professionals and Alternative Healers from all modalities may enhance their existing practice by combining it with Ayurveda.
  • Yoga Instructors and Therapists may enhance their classes and sessions with Ayurvedic Yoga, seasonal and personalized solutions.
  • Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can open Panchakarma centers or apply Ayurveda to enhance their practice for deeper, customized healing.
  • Estheticians in skin and beauty may enhance their treatments, services and products with Ayurveda’s natural and personalized approach.
  • Freelance Writers may launch Ayurvedic publications.
  • Research-savvy individuals may get involved in Ayurvedic research projects. The Office of Alternative Medicine funds many research projects in holistic healthcare.
  • Entrepreneurs may develop products, open wellness centers, spas or resorts.
  • Students in Academics may enhance their existing educational programs or create new ones. 


Program Overview

The Ayurvedic Practitioner 910-hour certification is based on the second goal of Ayurveda – Aaturasya Vikara Prashamanam (Disease Management). In this program, the education emphasis is on the disease process and Ayurvedic management of the stages of disease. A certification of completion is awarded after the 910 hours are completed.



  • 1.5 Years -910 Total Hours
  • Weekend Intensives – in-class or live streamed*
  • Virtual Classes – live streamed*
  • Monthly Clinical Case Discussion Webinars* – live streamed*
  • Mentor Sessions – live streamed*
  • Vedic Formulation Series -12 sessions – live streamed*
  • Online Recorded Lectures – elearning*
  • Assignments – elearning*
  • 3 Practical Immersions – in-class
  • 200 Hours Clinical Internship – in-class


* Internet connection required. Live streamed sessions are recorded for later viewing.



The AP curriculum is designed to introduce students to the advanced clinical study in the foundations of Ayurvedic theory and practice. The program features a comprehensive curriculum designed to give the individual in-depth knowledge and understanding in the philosophy, principles, theory and practical application in Ayurvedic disease management. The course is structured to align with classical Ayurvedic texts, offering an authentic education in the traditional Vedic system of knowledge.

At this level, students are taught and trained in clinical assessment of the disease process, the pathways of disease and management protocols in different stages of disease. With guided references to Ayurvedic texts, presentations, and case studies, students gain confidence and consistency in understanding the etiological factors that contribute to the nature and structure of any disease. With this knowledge, they will become skilled independent practitioners adept at creating management plans for different stages of disorders.

For more information about the curriculum, please consult the course catalog.


In-Class & Convenient Online Learning

With a robust elearning system, Kerala Ayurveda Academy connects a global community of students of Ayurveda, providing them with ease and flexibility of home study. In-Class sessions are held at Kerala Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Center in Milpitas, CA and satellite locations across the U.S.

All classes are live streamed and recorded  so students may revisit the online archived classes later at their convenience. 


Format Options

Students may choose the format which best fits their lifestyle:

Option 1: In-class Weekend Intensives & in-class Practical Immersions

Option 2: Live streamed Weekend Intensives in-class Practical Immersions


Clinical Internships in the U.S. and India

Kerala Ayurveda Academy offers multiple internship format options for AP students which are also open to students and graduates from other programs, as well as AP alumni for continuing education.

The U.S. Clinical Internship is offered in five day, week-long sessions at our Wellness Center in Milpitas, CA. AP students may attend four sessions to complete their 200 hour requirement, or supplement one week with an Externship.

Our India Internship is offered in 15-day sessions for a total of 150 hours, which can be supplemented by one week of our U.S. Clinical Internship to complete the 200 hour requirement. The India Internship is a one-of-a-kind experience studying and experiencing Ayurveda at Kerala Ayurveda’s healing centers in India. 

For more information about the internship options, please consult the course catalog.



Kerala Ayurveda Academy offers a premier faculty of doctors and practitioners with vast clinical expertise and experience in teaching, research and practice in several clinical settings, including Ayurvedic hospitals and centers in India.

For more information about our faculty, please visit our Faculty section.


Student & Alumni Services

At Kerala Ayurveda Academy, our students are for life! Guidance and support is available through completion of the program and beyond.

During the AP program

  • During the live streamed classes, online students are able to interact directly with Class Moderators and Faculty.
  • Mentors are assigned to all students so they can receive guidance and support from Kerala Ayurveda’s seasoned practitioners.
  • Student Support is available anytime to assist with educational service planning and tuition management.


For graduates: alumni benefits

  • Continued access to curriculum
  • Discounts on educational programs, products and wellness services
  • Feature listing in our online Ayurvedic health provider database – coming soon!