Learn and Heal in the Heart of Ayurveda: India Immersion


Program Overview

Embark on an adventure into the world of Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda Academy (KAA) invites you to embark on an adventure into the world of Ayurveda. Whether you have already begun studying this profound health science or are completely new to Ayurveda, this is a unique opportunity for you to discover the power of the ancient traditions in their birthplace.

You’ll be guided by Ayurvedic master Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath and Vaidya Sheena Sooraj, experienced clinicians and Kerala natives. Vaidyas. Jayarajan and Sheena cherish the opportunity to share their native Kerala and the traditions of Ayurveda with fellow enthusiasts. The 15 day journey is designed to introduce Ayurveda from all aspects: experiencing its healing power firsthand, exploring its landscape of origin, witnessing the Ayurvedic industry from seed to shelf, all while soaking in the local culture and natural attractions.



  • Ayurvedic Educational Programs
  • Industry Tours at Kerala Ayurveda Limited
  • Local Cultural Attractions in Cochin and Bangalore
  • Natural Attractions in Periyar National Park & the Kerala Backwaters
  • 5 Day Ayurvedic Yoga Healing Program at Award-Winning AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Centre


No Prerequisites

There is no prerequisite to join this program. Newbies to Ayurveda are welcome!


God’s Own Country – Kerala

The state of Kerala is renowned for its authentic and traditional Ayurveda and is where the science has been best-preserved throughout the centuries due to its unique geography, which protected it from foreign influence.


Our Team

You’ll be guided by Kerala natives and experienced Ayurvedic educators and clinicians.


Trip Leader

Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath (BAMS, BSc), Kerala Ayurveda USA Director
A Kerala native from an Ayurvedic family, “Dr. J” is a master Ayurvedic practitioner, having served the majority of his career as a doctor in Indian clinics, including Kerala Aurveda’s award-winning resort AyurvedaGram. In addition to overseeing Kerala Ayurveda’s Academy & Wellness Center in Fremont, CA. Classically trained and deeply-versed in the Ayurvedic root texts, the Vedas, Dr. J will ground the journey to India with stories from his experiences growing up in Kerala and practicing Ayurveda. as Director, he heads the Faculty and Practitioner teams, conducting weekly consultations, courses, workshops and internships.


Trip Cohost

Vaidya Sheena Sooraj (BAMS), Kerala Ayurveda USA Specialist, Consultant & Faculty
Dr. Sheena is an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner from Kerala, India. Coming from a family with a strong Ayurvedic background, she developed her passion for Ayurveda at a young age, as her grandfather was a well-known Ayurvedic physician and astrologer. She has experience practicing in India and the U.S. and is an active advocate of Ayurveda’s importance in daily life.


Learn, heal and grow

Welcome home to your optimal wellness

Your journey begins at the Kerala Ayurveda Health Village in Cochin (Kochi), host to leading Ayurvedic health programs where you will be invited to witness Ayurveda in India up close. Here you’ll spend four nights in the care of the warm Health Village staff, including daily yoga, meditation and traditional Ayurvedic vegetarian meals.

While staying at The Health Village, you’ll have a full access pass to the Ayurvedic industry, learning from our Health village staff during onsite lectures and practicums, as well as touring our seed to shelf product manufacturing process at the Kochi herbal gardens and oldest factory of Kerala Ayurveda, Ltd.


Tour Ayurveda from seed to table

We’ll tour the renowned herbal gardens, home to over 1,000 species of herbs. You will learn about the features of various live plants and their medicinal applications as you observe, touch and smell the herbs, soaking in their sacred properties through all of your senses!

The Kerala Ayurveda Ltd tour will conclude at our Manufacturing Factory, where you’ll be shown how our team formulates and tests herbal remedies before the Ayurvedic medicines are produced in large quantities.


Discover the natural wonders of Kerala country

Feel the heart and soul of Kerala, or “God’s Country,” in the lush wilderness of the Periyar National Park. You’ll spend two nights in Thekkady, on the perimeter of the sanctuary, nestled in the mountains. Here all activities will center around experiencing and connecting with the Nature, include a nature tour and hike in the mountains, visiting with local elephants and learning about the native spices growing wild in the region.


Soak in the enchanting Kerala backwaters

With coconut trees lining the pellucid lake waters for kilometers at a stretch, the backwaters of Cochin offer one of the most enchanting sights in Kerala. We’ll stay on the largest lake in Kerala for two nights of relaxation and sightseeing on the waters by traditional Kerala houseboat.


Award-Winning Ayurveda & Yoga Healing

AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Centre –  the Heart of Healing – is among the Top Five Ayurvedic health resorts in the country, internationally reputed for authentic Ayurveda treatments and long term rejuvenation programs. Your 6 night stay will include a Complete Rejuvenation Package with an Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation, customized lifestyle recommendations and two Ayurvedic therapies per day.


Located near Bangalore for convenience, the Ayurvedic soul of Kerala is channeled with lush medicinal gardens and transplanted antique traditional Kerala homes composing the classical healing complex. The cool breeze accompanied by the sounds of birds and the aroma of herbs comprise a serene ambiance to elevate the soul.

Educational programs at AyurvedaGram will focus on Ayurvedic Yoga and Cooking. Additional cultural activities will be available during your stay, including temple visitation, an auspicious Fire Ritual Ceremony and an Indian Cultural Night with optional Indian dress and traditional Kerala dance performance.


Course Credit

Approved PACE program by NAMA: 28 credits
Kerala Ayurveda Academy Course Credits: Ayurvedic students are eligible for 42 hours at the Level I Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and 50 Clinical Internship hours at the Level II Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner level. Both programs are NAMA ACE-approved.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available for the full amount of fees through April 30, 2018. Beginning May 1, 2018, full refunds are not available.