AWC Schedule: Spring 2018-2019

Live Streamed Orientation

April 26, 2018 at 5pm Pacific – this 1 hour orientation was recorded if you missed the live session

Weekend Intensives

In-class at our academy in Milpitas, CA and live streamed from 8am-6pm Pacific

Module Subject Dates
KAA 101 Essence of Ayurveda (Tarka Sankhya and Sharir) May 5-6
KAA 102 Ayurvedic Physiology (Dosha Dhatu Mala Vigyan) Jun 9-10
KAA 103 Ayurvedic Psychology (Manasa Shastra) Jul 14-15
KAA 104 Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking (Ahara Vigyan) Aug 4-5
KAA 105 Ayurvedic Preventive Science (Swastha Vritta) Sep 15-16
KAA 106 Ayurvedic Herbology (Dravya Guna Shastra) Oct 20-21
KAA 107 Ayurvedic Yoga (Yoga Vigyan) Nov 10-11
KAA 108 Introduction to Ayurvedic Bodywork (Panchakarma) Dec 8-9
KAA 109 Assessment of Dosha Imbalances (Roga Nidan) Jan 5-6
KAA 110 Management of Dosha Imbalances (Kayachikitsa) Feb 2-3
KAA 111 Clinical Management and Review, Closing Ceremony Mar 16-17


Practical Immersion

For Distant Learners
In-Class in Milpitas, CA
March 14-17, 2019 (coincides with KAA111)
The Practical Immersion is a 4-day hands-on learning experience designed to supplement Level I (Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor) curriculum for distance learning students. It includes the AWC Weekend Intensive Module KAA111 – Clinical Management and Review, plus the Closing Ceremony, with two additional days covering material from previous modules in the program. This immersion is included AWC tuition, though it is not required for graduation. For more information about the Practical Immersion: click here

Weekly Virtual Classes

Live streamed for all students Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm U.S. Pacific Time
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