Ayurvedic Formulation Making

The Ayurvedic herbal recipes for healing were carefully designed thousands of years ago to balance the healing properties of the ingredients and mitigate side effects. In this workshop, you will study the most popular classical formulations as outlined in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. We adhere to the authentic methodologies, so you will be trained in the most traditional art of Ayurvedic formulation making.

In this comprehensive workshop, we will overview the fundamentals of formulations, including their role in the healing process, how to procure and store herbal ingredients and manage dosage for your rogis. Each day we will begin by studying the description of the methodologies for that day’s assigned formulations. You will receive step-by-step guidance on each preparation as well as an overview of its properties and applications. Joining your fellow students, you will then be able to prepare the formulations with guidance and instructor supervision.


Dr. Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath


Students are required to have an existing knowledge of the fundamentals of Ayurveda including Subdoshas (KAA101 – The Essence of Ayurveda or equivalent). Please contact admissions@ayurvedaacademy.com if you would like to verify an equivalent course to satisfy this requirement or purchase a recording of one of our classes.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe and understand Ayurvedic principles of combining herbs
  • How to procure, store and protect herbal ingredients
  • Preparation of 14 types of Ayurvedic formulation
  • How to prepare and customize healing oils and decoctions in your own home


Detailed Program Schedule

Day 1

  • Overview of Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic Herbology) & Bhaishajya kalpana (Pharmaceutics)
  • Selection of herbs and combining herbs
  • Why formulations?
  • Do’s and Don’ts during mixing herbs and making formulations
  • Procurement and storage of herbs
  • Dosage forms of Ayurvedic formulations
  • Shelf life of Ayurvedic formulations and natural preservatives
  • Preparation of primary formulations
    • Swarasa
    • Kalka
    • Choorna
    • Sheeta
    • Phanta


Day 2

  • Kwatha kalpana
  • Ksheerapaka
  • Herbal Oil preparation (Thaila kalpana)
    • Oil for Nasal administration (Nasya)
    • Oil for therapeutic enema (Vasti/Basti)
    • Oil for Massage/External application (Abhyanga)
  • Fermented Preparations (Sandhana Kalpana)
    • Arishta
    • Asava


Day 3

  • Therapeutic Ghee making (Ghrita Kalpana)
    • Ghee for eye therapy (Netra Tharpana/Netra Vasti)
    • Ghee for intake (Snehapana)
  • Preparation of Therapeutic Jams (Lehya Kalpana)
  • Ayurvedic handmade tablets (Gudika Kalpana)
  • Ayurvedic suppositories (Varti Kalpana)


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