Katherine Lahey

By admin-hitesh 30 April 2018

The authentic and unique education that I received at KAA has not only improved the quality of my own life and my understanding of how to maintain my own health, but has enabled me to become a confident, effective practitioner able to assist others. What is unique about this program is its foundational roots in classical Kerala-style tradition, emphasis on theoretical as well as practical knowledge (classes include demos and hands-on learning and an intensive clinical internship in India), parallel teaching of classical formulations as well as practical formulas (based on what is currently available), and an unrivaled commitment to the students and quality of education through the addition of seasonal workshops and weekly webinars. We are taught to be methodical, comprehensive, observant and caring practitioners and to take the entire person into account when conducting each consultation or therapy. The KAA staff take our education very seriously and it is obvious that they care deeply about Ayurveda and about the accurate sharing of the gifts it has to offer humanity. I never felt as if we were learning a pre-packaged model of Ayurveda that is so prevalent in the West. I am so grateful for everything this institution has given me. It is obvious that KAA is working to build an international network of competent Ayurvedic practitioners who can guide our future toward better health, happiness and sustainability based on this gift of ancient wisdom. I highly recommend this program for anyone serious about becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner and looking for a top quality, authentic educational experience.