Rebecca Runze

By admin-hitesh 30 April 2018

I’m originally from from a film background – I do film editing and filmmaking, and then many years ago a very bad accident brought me onto a different road and I started to to look into Ayurveda. I started to take some Ayurvedic formulations which decreased my pain 25%, and so I said, ‘Oh, this is something that I’ve got to look into.’ And then I found Kerala Ayurveda and the program that they doing, and I became an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, and I’m now on my way to becoming an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, and I have to say that this has really it has really enhanced my life. It has really changed my life. My pain is way down. Two years ago I went off pain medication completely, and I have chronic nerve pain, and this is all due to Ayurveda into what I’ve learned. So now I want to go on and spread it into the community by learning more and then by helping people consulting people in showing them how they can change their life without medication without having to you know go on these extensive treatments that really have all these side effects. Because the other great thing about Ayurveda is you can take all these herbs and you don’t have any side effects; you just have good benefits, basically. And the Kerala Ayurveda Academy is a fantastic program because it shows you authentic teachers it brings you authentic teachers and Ayurvedic doctors from India that teach you all this this Vedic knowledge that’s been around for so long, and that we all need to know. So I can only encourage you all to go on and study it also.