Commonly used to pacify Vata conditions. Pinda Thailam is an excellent moisturizer and helps dry and sensitive skin.* One of the best medicated oils to calm sore joints, Pinda Thailam can be used to relieve pain due to gout and athritis.*

Regular use of Pinda Thailam soothes feet, rejuvenates skin and improves the mobility of joints.*

Product Information
200ml - Manufactured by Kottakkal

Moisturizes the skin*
Soothes feet*
Improves mobility of the joints*
Pacifies Vata

Suggested Use
Body and foot massage oil - Abhyanga and Pizhichil are other common applications.


Aranala Sour gruel, Manjistha Rubia cordifolia, Sariba Hemidesmus indicus, Sarjarasa Shorea robusta, Madhucchishta Bee wax

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