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Selection of Traditional Oils

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Self Massage Abhyanga Oils

The Ayurvedic ritual of daily self massage is an excellent practice for preserving health and balance for not just the skin, but the entire mind-body system.

Kerala Ayurveda's SuVeda oils are perfect for self massage at home and are customized for one's constitution:

Dharani Oil for Kapha Dosha
Pavan Oil for Vata Dosha
Tejas Oil for Pitta Dosha

Additional oils that are excellent for pacifying Vata during the Fall & Winter include: Dhanwantharam Thailam, Mahanarayana Thailam, Bala Aswagandhadi Thailam, Kshirabala Thailam, and Brahmi

Each bottle is $14 (plus shipping) and is 100ml.

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Order from our Apothecary

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