BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), Vaidya-Scientist
Specialist Consultant & Academy Faculty, Integrative Director – Renew Health Program

Vaidya Nami practices and teaches Integrative Ayurveda diving deep into elements of food, lifestyle  and personal constitution to improve health. She often suggests herbs and may recommend therapies as well. If advisable and practical, she offers planned therapies and Panchakarma at Kerala working closely with a skillful in-house team. She leads an Integrative program – Renew Health Program for people with metabolic syndrome, prediabetes and insulin resistance*. She is known to be pragmatic, empathetic and knowledgeable in her consults.

Vaidya Nami trained in both Ayurveda and modern medicine for nearly nine years in India with a post doc as a Vaidya Scientist. Having had clinical experience since 2001, she can address a large range of systemic, chronic, degenerative, inflammatory disorders using Ayurvedic insights. She has extensive integrative experience in cardio-metabolic health, neurodegenerative conditions (Parkinson’s Disease) and women’s health issues.

Consultation Hours
Monday-Friday (except Wednesdays) 9:30am-5:00pm
Some weeknights by appointment only

[*It is recommended for people with 1. Increased waist circumference (> 90 cm for women, >100 for men) 2. Prediabetes (HbA1C between 5.7-6.5) 3. Increased triglycerides* (>150mg/dl) 4. Prehypertension* (Systolic blood pressure 120-139 mmHg, Diastolic 80-89mmHg). 5.Increasing weight (BMI > 25kg/m2 for South Asians and >30kg/m2 for others) 6. A family history of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.]