Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with a personalized spring detox

Our body is designed to naturally heal and cleanse itself, though this mechanism can be compromised by lifestyle and environmental factors. This is why ritual cleansing is part of most cultures and even regarded as a religious practice. 

The Ayurvedic approach to cleansing and rejuvenation is unique and more effective than many other methods of detoxification available today because it is 100% natural as well as totally personalized to your unique needs. During Kerala Ayurveda’s Personalized Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program, you’ll learn the ancient art of detoxification and rejuvenation naturally with the seasons.  

Our integrative wellness team will guide you from beginning to end, offering personalized support and a health program that’s fit for you. You’ll eliminate toxins, rejuvenate your system, minimize imbalances and seasonal allergies, and even prevent disease.

Top 6 signs you need to rejuvenate
  • You gained weight and it won't go away
  • You feel generally fatigued and tired
  • You can't get a full night's sleep
  • You have minor but constant skin or hair imbalances
  • Your appetite or bowel movements are irregular
  • Your mental or emotional state feels "off"
Benefits of Fall Rejuvenation

The following are the goals of Fall Rejuvenation

  • Weight loss
  • Renewed energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved skin and hair health
  • More balanced digestion and metabolism
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Prevention of seasonal allergies, colds and flus

Receive the support of nature herself

Rejuvenate and restore the holistic way - when nature does it, too!

Ayurveda’s holistic approach to mind-body-spirit wellness involve seasonal guidelines to living based in the fundamental principle that there is no inside or outside – everything in our environment affects us. Based on the unique balance of elements present in the atmosphere during the fall season, it is an ideal time to detoxify the body. The days shorten and the sun weakens, while the animals prepare to hibernate and plants slow down their growth by shedding their leaves. 

Just like the nature around us, fall is when our bodies are also ready to reduce our pace and push the reset button. Because the fall season can be dry and rough, cleansing is done with extra care to be gentle. Hence the emphasis is on the rejuvenation aspect of cleansing, to nurture and restore the system so it can handle the harshness of fall and winter to come. Fall cleansing is a routine method of clearing out the system of excess and enhancing its metabolic function. This preserves overall balance of the system, increases immunity and prevents disease – and nature’s elements support us!

A holistic approach means total customization

We look at every individual as unique in Ayurveda based on its 5,000 year old philosophy. Your Personalized Ayurvedic Fall Rejuvenation program is overseen from beginning to end by one of our Ayurvedic health experts and customized to your unique needs. The result: a more effective cleanse that targets the root cause of your imbalances, leading to longer lasting healing.

Learn more in our free webinar

The Ayurvedic Approach to Fall Cleansing & Rejuvenation

Presenter: Vaidya. Kamya Pillai, BAMS, AWP

Learn more about the Ayurvedic approach to cleansing, rejuvenation & everything you need to know about this program.

August 17 at 9am Pacific

Program Overview

Our 42 Day Ayurvedic Fall Rejuvenation Program

Your program includes

To customize your cleansing program, you’ll begin with a personal Ayurvedic Consultation with one of our Ayurvedic practitioners (Ayurvedic Doctors with BAMS, India degrees). Your appointment can be made in person at our Wellness Center or in a secure virtual appointment online called Vsee – right from your home!

Your provider will conduct a thorough health intake, including an analysis of your unique mind-body constitution according to Ayurveda, medical and family history. During this session you can bring up any specific health issues or imbalances you hope to address during the cleanse. The result: a customized Fall Rejuvenation protocol designed to help you reach your optimal seasonal wellness.

Based on your Individual Ayurvedic Consultation, your practitioner will provide you with a lifestyle plan to assist your cleansing process, including recommendations in daily routines, sleep, diet & nutrition and exercise.

Based on your Individual Ayurvedic Consultation, your practitioner will recommend Ayurvedic herbal formulations, supplements and products to assist during your42 day cleansing process. These items are included in your total cost.

Your Fall Rejuvenation program is grounded in our elearning system. Accessible from any device, you will have easy access to all your program documents and webinar links.

You’ll receive our Ayurvedic Fall Rejuvenation Manual PDF prior to the program with everything you will need to know inside, including program format, what to expect, general guidelines for your cleanse, plus detailed information about the Ayurvedic cleansing process.

To help you meal plan and enjoy supportive detoxifying foods, we collected some of our favorite seasonal teas and entrees with instructions for you to make them at home.

To guide your healing journey, your Fall Rejuvenation Guide, Vaidya. Kamya Pillai (BAMS) will host four informational webinars to help you learn more about the Ayurvedic cleansing process, prepare for what’s coming up in your protocol, and answer your questions.

Each webinar is 1 hour and hosted via Zoom. You will be able to view the recording after the event. If you are able to join live, it will be an interactive opportunity to engage with Vaidya. Kamya and your fall rejuvenation participants.

Our team will be available for support throughout your cleanse if you have questions or need assistance.

To wrap up your rejuvenation, we’ll schedule a 30 minute session with your assigned Ayurvedic practitioner at the end of the 42-day program to evaluate your results and address any final questions you have. 

Aug 16-Sep 17: Your Individual Ayurvedic Consultation (1 hour) must be scheduled for an appointment during this time

Sep 22 & 29, Oct 6 & 13: Webinars 5-6pm Pacific

Sep 24-Nov 7: 42 Day Protocol

Oct 23-Nov 20: Your Individual Follow Up Consultation (30min) must be scheduled for an appointment during this time

Consultations are scheduled through our Wellness Center in Milpitas, CA and can also be conducted online via our secure virtual appointment technology, Vsee. Please note: as a COVID-19 precaution, consultations are being held virtually only.

All consultations require completion of our Health Intake Forms and the Ayurvedic Questionnaire prior to the appointment. 

Hours: Appointments are available Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm. Please see the schedule for consultation date windows.

Included in the total cost are supportive Ayurvedic herbal formulations, supplements and products for your entire program. These will be recommended to you during your 1 Hour Ayurvedic Consultation – see the Schedule & Consults tabs for more details.

These items can be picked up at our Wellness Center or they will be shipped to you prior to beginning your cleansing protocol on Oct 2.

Orders will be processed by our on-site Apothecary at 691 S. Milpitas Blvd Suite 206, Milpitas, CA 95035.


Early bird special - save $50 through August 20

General Public
$465 $415

KAA Students & Alumni*
$425 $375

*HAC, AWC/AHC, AWP/AP,  AD and PKT certification program students and alumni


Fill out our contact form and our wellness team will be in touch to assist you!

Please note: rejuvenation may not be appropriate for everyone. Don’t start a cleanse if you are about 70 years old or older, less than 13 years old, sick, feeling weak, pregnant, breast feeding, recently undergone surgery, or have a serious medical condition. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended as substitute for medical counseling. Consult your doctor before using any health protocol — including herbal supplements and natural remedies — especially if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medications.


Following the prescribed plan for my constitution has made a world of difference in unblocking my system to finally being pain-free, medication free, and my weight was reduced from 210.2 lb when I started the plan to 199.2 lb on the 42nd day of the plan. This was the best investment in my life changing progress that I could have ever made.

Minta Davis, 2018

Not only do you get an individually designed program to help balance your current health complaints, but you are educated via livestream classes. You are also personally guided in a complete and compassionate way by Vaidya. Pillai. Her expertise and caring manner added an element of nurturing that was so special and unforgettable.

Nancy Raffa-Hallman, 2018

Fall rejuvenation was my first experience working under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala Ayurveda and Vaidya. Pillai went above and beyond the call of duty. Her instructions, webinars and detailed day-by-day contact through the cleansing period made an unfamiliar process simple to understand. The profound effects of the cleanse and the rejuvenation which followed are still emerging and will no doubt continue to unfold in the coming days and months. The program proposed, while resetting the system and giving it a positive reboot, also affects the mind and helps cultivate awareness and respect for the wisdom of the body. Amidst the business of modern life, fall rejuvenation reminds us to listen to, care for and nurture the actives which allow us to function as productive members of society.

Aura Laforest, 2018