Ayurvedic Consultation

Consultations involve a detailed intake or follow up session for health management including Ayurvedic assessments, internal and external herbal advice and personal lifestyle guidelines for your unique mind-body constitution. Consultations are conducted by one of our Ayurvedic Vaidyas or Practitioners with an in-depth knowledge in traditional Indian medicine with a holistic approach.

Consultation Rates
90 min 60 min 30 min follow ups only
Specialist $240 $180 $100
Practitioner $150 $120 $70
Resident $90 $60 $40


Panchakarma is a specialty of Kerala, India, globally renowned for authentic Ayurvedic practices which involve a deep cleansing and rejuvenation process to nourish the physical body and remove disease-causing blockages from the subtle mind. Individual bodywork therapies are available with our certified Panchakarma technicians, as well as multi-day detoxification programs designed by our Ayurvedic Doctors & Practitioners.

Individual Panchakarma Therapies

Ayurvedic body techniques based upon authentic principles supporting the balance of optimal health. Each revitalising procedure is customized to your particular needs.
Individual Therapy Rates
Therapy 1 Technicians 2 Technicians
Abhyanga $110 $160
Mukha Abhyanga $70
Shiro Abhyanga $70
Pada Abhyanga $70
Njavarakizhi $135 $190
Patrapotala Sweda $135 $190
Local Patrapotala $95
Choorna Sweda $115 $170
Local Choorna Sweda $85
Udvarthana $110 $160
Shirodhara $175
Ksheradhara $135
Thakradhara $150 $110
Upanaha $95 $75
Pichu $95 $75
Lepa $95 $65
Bashpa $60
Nasya $75
Nadi Sweda $110 $75
Vasti Rates
A traditional herbal oil application for different areas of your body to support back pain, eye balance, heart strength, thyroid balance as well as other imbalances.
Kati Vasti $110
Griva Vasti $110
Uro Vasti $110
Janu Vasti $110
Shiro Vasti $145
Netra Vasti $135
Karna Vasti $75
Sneha Vasti $110
Decoction Vasti $145

Complete Panchakarma Packages

The Ayurvedic art of detoxification, purification and rejuvenation. Panchakarma is a deep cleansing program that involves diet, herbalized body techniques and elimination procedure. These ancient rejuvenation techniques are designed to nourish the physical body and access the subtle body where stored toxins, emotions and thoughts form, creating blockages in the body. It is a powerful way to address and eliminate the root cause of disease and has been a method for thousands of years to stay healthy, young and vital.

Panchakarma programs are 3 to 4 weeks total and include:

  • Detailed Ayurvedic consultation and home preparation¬†
  • 3, 5 or 7-day protocol package at our center in Milpitas, CA with 2-3 Ayurvedic bodywork therapies per day
  • Special diet & lifestyle guidelines, herbs and follow up consultation.
Panchakarma Packages Rates
3 Day Panchakarma$1630
5 Day Panchakarma$2405
7 Day Panchakarma$3255


Abhyanga and Shirodhara $275
Abhyanga and Pinda Sweda $275
Local Abhyanga and Nadi Sweda $125
Bliss Head, face and full body Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Bashpa $325
Metabolic Health Package 4 consultation bundle $700