Discover your summer bliss

with an indulgent series of rejuvenating and purifying Ayurvedic services with our all natural floral and herbal oil blends.

Your Summer Bliss package includes:

Two hours of treatment

Plan to be with us for a total of 2.5 hours

Ayurvedic Consultation

15 minutes review to establish your unique mind-body needs so we can customize your service


One hour full body massage with herbal oil to detoxify, calm the system, sooth the skin and relieve tension from the body. It penetrates in the tissues, increases the circulation and loosens the toxins.


30 minute herbal oil application to the forehead to improve hearing and vision, calm the system and bring peace of mind.


15 minute aromatic herbal steam with rose, lavender, jasmine and dashmul for detoxification, tension relief and beautification of the skin.

Please note: this service is not recommended during menstruation, pregnancy or after a recent acute injury. It is recommended that services are performed at least 1-2 hours after your last meal.

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