Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine
3876 Bridge Way N, #300, Seattle, WA 98103

Kerala Ayurveda is pleased to offer our Seattle community wellness services and trainings in conjunction with Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine (NRIM).

Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine offers a full range of authentic Ayurvedic therapies, Ayurvedic herbs & formulations and a primary care physician who integrates eastern and western natural medicine,Dr. Anup Mulakaluri, ND, AWC. NRIM integrates Ayurvedic services with Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Naturopathic medicine.

The vision of NRIM is to serve as a one stop healing center for your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual needs. Come and experience natural wellness, prevention, education, and community to help you in all aspects of your well-being and healing journey.

The NRIM team consists of physicians, healers and teachers who are passionate, and deeply aligned to the holistic process of care and wellness and we’re very excited to be working in partnership with NRIM.

Kerala Ayurveda Academy (KAA)

NRIM serves as a teaching clinic for Kerala Ayurveda Academy students. For upcoming courses, please visit

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