Ancient wisdom for radiant skin

Deep Ayurvedic insights of beauty care are at the core of our radiant skin and inner harmony personalized services.

Allow us to create a unique protocol, designed exclusively for you taking into consideration your constitution, skin condition, season and personal goals.

Based on the ancient healing tradition of India, we offer this customized skin care using the most potent, fresh herbal preparations. We look forward to sharing with you our passion for cultivating all natural beauty and lifestyle within each individual.

Each indulgent facial treatment includes:

Luxurious cleansing and exfoliation

Face, neck, head and shoulders Abhyanga massage

Herbal steam + face mask

Nourishing moisturizing oils and creams

Home care guidance tipsĀ 

60 minutes – $135

Kerala Ayurveda is pleased to offer educational programs in authentic Ayurvedic Skin and Beauty. Learn more on our Academy website.