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A program for lasting natural solutions for chronic inflammatory and metabolic disorders

The Renew Health Program will help you experience:

How it works

Drawing upon Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM) and Yoga, Renew addresses the whole human system in its natural environments through a customized approach.

It empowers individuals to make safe, and effective choices for lasting health.

We can help if you have:


*Prediabetes (HbA1C between 5.7-6.5), Metabolic syndrome or Insulin resistance Obesity (BMI > 25kg/m2 for South Asians and >30kg/m2 for others); Increased triglycerides (>150mg/dl) and cholesterol, reduced HDL cholesterol; Prehypertension (Systolic blood pressure 120-139 mmHg, Diastolic 80-89mmHg)

Each time we meet, we evaluate your progress to adopt deeper, more powerful strategies to maintain optimal health.

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