Gain the confidence to make enjoyable, healthful decisions daily at home, work and even on vacation!

4 Visits – 11 Hours of Personalized Consults Over 6 Months
Recommendations in Nutrition, Lifestyle, Supplements & Exercise

Four Visits Building Sustainable Health

Renew Program features

120min Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM)

45min Yoga

  • Detailed TIM and conventional assessment
  • Critical nutrition and lifestyle shifts
  • Personalized TIM formulations
  • Supplements
  • Yogic Breathwork


60min TIM

90min Yoga

  • Evaluate progress, tolerance and make adjustments
  • Learn TIM and aconventional nutritional nuances
  • Yogic biomechanical assessment and custom daily plan

60min TIM

60min Yoga

  • Nutritional avenues and recipes
  • Next stage TIM formulations
  • Yogic Cardio Exercises

60min TIM

45min Yoga

  • Response driven, long term nutrition lifestyle plans
  • Resilience to unique stressors
  • TIM formulations for maintenance
  • Final 30min daily Yoga plan
Each time we meet, we evaluate your progress to adopt deeper, more powerful strategies to maintain optimal health.

Discover the power of integrative, customized health plans

We begin with a detailed personal, nutritional, medical, anthropometric and constitutional profile through an Ayurvedic and modern lens.

You will receive:

Personalized Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM)

Formulations, nutritional supplements, plus feasible and effective guidelines

for nutrition & lifestyle shifts

Customized Yoga

Introduced in phases according to your body’s unique needs:

breathwork, biomechanics and the Yogic cardio

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