Meet the Renew Health Team

You will have the support of an entire integrative health team!

Dr. Namyata Pathak-Gandhi

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda, India), Vaidya-Scientist Integrative Health Director

Dr. Nami, as she is fondly called, has trained in India in both traditional and conventional systems of medicine for over a decade and has experience with diverse health conditions. She has successfully anchored an integrative-preventative program for metabolic syndrome with medical specialists, physical therapists, Yoga therapists, nutritionists in Mumbai, India. She has been on the editorial board of impactful peer reviewed journals, including one on Obesity and Metabolic research. Her passion to bring Eastern wisdom to this prevalent healthcare concern has shaped RENEW and its initiatives. Her consulting style is comprehensive, drawing from both TIM and biomedicine, pragmatic and detail oriented.

Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath

BSc, BAMS, Traditional Indian Medicine Specialist

Dr. Jay, a healer and teacher at heart, has also trained in traditional & conventional systems of medicine in India. He represents a family lineage of traditional Ayurveda Practitioners (Vaidyas) and has had over two decades of successful clinical practice for a myriad of health conditions. He has been the lead TIM clinical expert in the research programs conducted by Kerala Ayurveda on Metabolic Health, Immunity and Stress. He has structured the TIM guidelines of RENEW and continues to facilitate its overarching vision. He is one of the primary consultants of RENEW and his approach on consultations and health guidance are empathetic, detail oriented and holistic.

Alka Mulakaluri

AWP, Program Coordinator

Alka is an Ayurvedic practitioner since 2005 specializing in Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Bodywork. She has been passionate about spreading awareness of TIM in different local communities. Her ease of understanding of people, their needs and strengths enables her as a strong bridge between organizations and the Renew Health Program.

Dayna Holli

AWP, Yoga Specialist

Dayna is a committed and intuitive Yoga practitioner. Her unique strength for this program is her advanced training as Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner in the USA and her ability to integrate Yoga with TIM. She designs customized breathwork, asana plan and variants of Yogic cardio adapted to every individual.

Izumi Hirayama

AWP, Cooking Specialist

Izumi is an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner for nearly seven years. Sincere and compassionate, she enjoys teaching cooking skills for different cuisines using TIM principles. She is creating nutrition learning tools for Renew. She will also offer pop-up dinners and cooking classes based on Renew nutrition on a discount for program participants.

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