Our Mission

Our mission

To integrate traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and healing with scientific research.

Our purpose

To serve as a leading source of authentic Ayurvedic education, research, and community health care.

Our commitmenT

To bring academic excellence to Ayurvedic practices in the U.S. and abroad.


The ancient and timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, or Traditional Indian Medicine, is a total healthcare science. Ayurveda details natural solutions through practical lifestyle changes such as diet, herbs, and sleep patterns. It targets the root causes of imbalance, supporting total mind-body healing and prevention of disease for long lasting results against common ailments. Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced for over 5,000 years and its incredibly well-documented history makes it one of the most reliable health systems in the world.

Healthcare in the United States is transforming. Contemporary data shows that health science must encompass physical, emotional, and environmental factors which contribute to well-being. Ayurveda encompasses all these factors to achieve harmony at the level of body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda’s solutions are also inherently sustainable and therefore contribute to the betterment of our planetary health. At Kerala Ayurveda, it’s our mission to serve as a leading source for this essential knowledge that can support a healthy future for humanity, starting now.

Lighting the vilakku at our award-winning Ayurvedagram resort in Bangalore, India
Lighting the vilakku at our award-winning Ayurvedagram resort in Bangalore, India


Kerala Ayurveda USA and Kerala Ayurveda Ltd (KAL)

Kerala Ayurveda USA is part of Kerala Ayurveda Limited, a full spectrum Ayurvedic company spanning academies, products, research, clinics, hospitals, resorts, and wellness services. KAL has a successful operating record of 80 years in Kerala, India, where Ayurveda has been best-preserved over the centuries. KAL is one of the most reliable names in Ayurvedic healthcare today with expanding global services.

KAL’s mission is rooted in “Evolving Ayurveda” to adapt to the requirements of the modern world without losing its original teachings and practices. At Kerala Ayurveda Academy USA, it is our commitment to bring academic excellence to the field of Ayurveda in the U.S. and abroad. KAL uses cutting edge technology along with our wealth of authentic knowledge to achieve academic excellence. Over the past 17 years, our programs have evolved to match the accelerating demand for more comprehensive training in the field of Ayurveda.

Medical team at The Health Village in Kerala, India
Medical team at The Health Village in Kerala, India


The unique heritage of Kerala Ayurveda Academy USA

KAA is one of the premier Ayurvedic institutions in the U.S. with deep roots in Ayurveda’s birthplace. We are supported by KAL’s vast network of medical resources, including:

  • 30 clinics, 4 hospitals, and 2 retreat centers throughout India and currently over 70,000 clients a year
  • One of the largest herbal gardens in India with a collection of over 1200 species
  • A modern GMP certified manufacturing facility producing a total of 350 classical and proprietary herbal formulations
  • One of the strongest global research teams developing holistic health solutions for various ailments

Authentic Ayurvedic curriculum and academic team

Kerala Ayurveda’s purpose is to serve as a source of authentic Ayurvedic education, which means that we don’t dilute the Ayurvedic teachings from the Vedic texts. Our courses offer a comprehensive and original curriculum produced by our network of highly skilled Vedic scholars, doctors, and faculty. 

We believe it is our responsibility to transmit Ayurveda just as it was written and practiced 5,000 years ago. Our programs provide an authentic source of Ayurvedic knowledge and practical applications. They are approved by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) to meet professional standards of competency in the U.S. and enable you to continually advance your certification level at a pace that suits you!

“We should always think of other’s welfare so that our own progress becomes possible.”

—Atharva Veda


It is our mission and purpose at Kerala Ayurveda Academy (KAA) to provide the highest quality of education in Ayurvedic practice so that our students may become the finest Ayurvedic health providers and educators of the future.

Our number one commitment is to you! At the heart of all our teachings is your well-being. The study of Ayurveda is a healing journey which can help you achieve harmony in all aspects of your life – physical, mental, and emotional. Many of our students come to us due to frustration with the limitations of conventional medicine for their personal health. Ayurveda provides common sense solutions to health and living which allow the body, mind, and spirit to truly undergo a long-term transformation. 

The result: taking charge of your wellbeing and living an embodied, more productive life. KAA is here to assist you at every level of that journey, whether you are new to Ayurveda or an Ayurvedic professional seeking continued education. 

We believe that awareness and education is a key factor for meaningful change, and access to the most authentic Ayurveda – as documented in the original root Vedic texts – is an essential foundation for study. By educating yourself in this ancient practice, you will be able to continue the ancient Ayurvedic lineage and foster awareness in others, touching the lives of your family, friends, clients, and community.


As one of the largest Ayurvedic communities in the U.S. with over 2,000 alumni, our students are part of a globally recognized and highly respected Ayurvedic lineage. We are committed to continually expanding and improving our academic offerings to support the growing needs of this community. It is through the power of individuals like you that we can spread the healing power of Ayurveda to those in need.

Join us and get involved in this pioneering work that is transforming and reshaping our healthcare industry into a newer model of holistic health care for the 21st century!