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Enhance your Ayurvedic studies with the power of its mother language

SELF-PACED | 30 hours

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Earn Continuing Education Credits: Students are encouraged to submit their program to the National Ayurvedic Medical Association for PACE credits upon completion.

Who should take this course?

No prerequisite

There is no prerequisite to join.

This course is designed for the Ayurvedic student and enthusiast, and is open to all levels – be it your first time studying Ayurveda, or if you have already commenced your studies. 

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How can I apply my Sanskrit knowledge?

  • This program is designed to complement Ayurvedic studies. It is not a general Sanskrit course.
  • You’ll be introduced as a beginner to Sanskrit to support your Ayurvedic studies.
  • Your knowledge of Sanskrit will assist you in understanding Ayurvedic principles and accessing the ancient Ayurvedic texts.
  • This course will create a foundation for spoken Sanskrit if you wish to study further.

Whatever the method of worship and whichever the Name or Form, it is faith that matters; it is that which gives life and energy for higher things.

Atharva Veda



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Enhance your Ayurvedic studies with the power of its mother language! A basic knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for understanding the true essence of Ayurveda. It enriches the understanding of the classical textbooks and also boosts the cognitive experience, improving the student’s memory retention and absorption of the material.

This course will introduce you to Sanskrit starting with the basics. It focuses on foundational skills required for reading and writing Sanskrit, plus a preface to spoken Sanskrit. Lessons begin with the basic sounds and the alphabet of the Devanaagarii, or Sanskrit script. Students progress further by learning to read and write their own names, transliterate simple words, and then build up towards reading Ayurvedic words and sentences. At the end of the program, students are capable of reading basic Sanskrit on their own and have the foundation to pursue further study in spoken Sanskrit.


The Sounds and Alphabet of Sanskrit

We set the foundation for the course by sounding out the alphabet. You'll be introduced to the alphabet: vowels & consonants, grouping based on the human vocal system, and importance of pronunciation: duration (short and long vowels), aspiration (or not) of consonants. While being introduced to the Devanaagarii alphabet, you'll learn to write your name.

From Sounds to Words

As you begin to literate simple sentences, you internalize the alphabet. We do this so you don’t have to think about Sanskrit sentences, but only use the script. You'll learn consonant modifications, conjunct consonants, and begin literating English sentences using Devanaagarii script.

Ayurvedic Vocabulary

We study about 50 common Ayurvedic words to prepare you for the Ayurvedic texts. You'll be able to read and write these words, as well as internalize proper pronunciation.

Introduction to Ayurvedic Texts

Combining your knowledge of the Sanskrit alphabet and Ayurvedic vocabulary, we start reading simple sentences from Ayurvedic texts. You'll expand Ayurvedic vocabulary and learn to read simple sentences.

Towards Experiential Sanskrit

Going beyond the alphabet, script and word meaning, we dive deeper into understanding the full meaning of more complex sentences. You'll be introduced to basic sentence structure, how to identify nouns and verbs in sentences, numbers and tense. This forms the beginnings of Spoken Sanskrit.

About the Instructor

Srinivas Kadaba

Srinivas Kadaba lives and works in the Bay Area, California. He first began studying Sanskrit by chanting its Slokas in childhood, then learned grammar forms during high school. A love of classical Indian knowledge systems such as music, Ayurveda, Yoga, and philosophy motivated him to learn spoken Sanskrit when he came across Samskritabharati in the Bay Area, and he has been a student since the summer of 2012. Discovering the profound ability to speak even simple Sanskrit, which has greatly enriched his Vedic experiences, led him to teach the first level spoken Sanskrit class for adults in Fremont. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to share his experience and help the students of Kerala Ayurveda Academy familiarize themselves with Sanskrit for enriching their Ayurvedic studies.

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