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Do you want to lead a more holistic life in tune with nature?

Do you wish to inspire those around you and lead an exceptional life?

Are you inspired by ancient wisdom and indigenous traditions?


Learn how our Ayurvedic Coach and Health Counselor programs can help you!


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Ancient wisdom with a modern voice


Ayurveda, or “the science of life” is a holistic science with a 5,000 year old legacy – the oldest known documented healthcare system! It originated in modern-day India and was best preserved in the state of Kerala, where the ancient traditions are still practiced today. Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s graduates are equipped to support wellness seekers with Ayurvedic interventions, or enhance an existing healing modality. Most importantly, Ayurveda offers everyone a framework for aligning with nature and your true self!


Through studying Ayurvedic principles and lifestyle, you’ll

Uncover your unique constitution and what makes you, YOU!
Learn to adapt the way you eat, sleep, work and breathe to best suit your needs
Understand how others can do the same!
Discover how to coexist more peacefully with the diverse needs of your friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances.


Ayurvedic Coaches are the ultimate life coaches


 Our 300-hour Holistic Ayurvedic Coach program provides you a toolkit for applying the healing benefits of the natural world into your everyday lifestyle.

A Holistic Ayurvedic Coach is the ultimate life coach because they can address it all: mind, body and spirit. The “common sense” solutions are easy enough, don’t be surprised when your loved ones pick them up easily & start sharing them with their friends!


As a Holistic Ayurvedic Coach, you can offer:

✓ Ayurvedic constitution assessments
✓ Talks, workshops, classes and educational content
✓ Practical lifestyle guidance anyone can incorporate at any stage of life or health
✓ Solutions for better sleep, nutrition, peace, relationships and prosperity
✓ Simple yoga and breathwork practices
✓ Seasonal guidelines and tips


Some examples of what our alumni have accomplished include:

Run private practices offering Ayurvedic consultations and therapies
Carved out a niche as Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Medical Doctors,
Chiropractors, Psychiatrists and numerous other health professions in combination with Ayurveda
Aligned with other health professionals to form integrative practices
Launched social networks and blogs for the Ayurvedic community


What to expect in the program

The Holistic Ayurvedic Coach program is our basic certification at Kerala Ayurveda Academy


It’s 300 hours of study & 6 months in length
It’s a blend of live, instructor-led classes & self-paced learning
You can take it entirely online
Weekend and 5-day In-Class Intensives are available
It includes half of our NAMA-approved level I Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification program (600 hours)


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