Finding life balance while studying Ayurveda

Finding life balance in your studies and life

Choosing and committing to an Ayurvedic training program is a big decision.  And while you know an exciting educational adventure awaits, you may be a little nervous about how you’ll […]

Sanskrit’s history and relevance to the modern Ayurvedic practitioner

Students of Ayurveda and Yoga are often drawn to the study of the Sanskrit – the ancient and slightly mystical mother language of the celebrated verses chanted during class or meditation. But where did this profound language come from, and what exactly does it have to offer an Ayurvedic practitioner today?

Ayurvedic Doctor program launch

A letter from Kerala Ayurveda Academy Director, Dr. (Vaidya) Jayarajan Kodikannath: It’s with great pleasure I announce the launch of Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s third level Ayurvedic Doctor certification program, open […]

Agni: the force behind digestion and metabolism

Ayurveda provides many lifestyle guidelines for overall health, and one of their main goals is to directly support what’s called Agni, or digestive fire. This is because Ayurveda recognizes that healthy digestion is […]

9 ways to build a career with Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic industry is an exciting place to be right now. With an increasing demand for Ayurvedic resources and products, pioneers in holistic health can create rewarding careers in a […]