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Debunking Ayurveda Myths: Ayurvedic Diet

May 20 @ 9:00 am UTC+0

NEW Panel Discussion Series!

At Kerala Ayurveda, we are excited to see how much popularity Ayurveda is gaining in the west. We feel that it is our duty to ensure that while Ayurveda grows at an exponential rate, that the original texts and traditions of Ayurveda are preserved and honored. This series has been designed with the intention of debunking some of the common misconceptions of Ayurveda and providing multiple perspectives from leading Ayurvedic Vaidyas who trace their reasoning back to the ancient texts.


In this panel, we’LL discuss:

Is Ayurvedic food vegetarian?
Does Ayurvedic food have to be Indian?
Is raw food healthy according to Ayurveda?
What’s more important – meal setting and time, or contents of the meal?
Should I eat according to my primary Dosha?
Should a balanced meal contain just ingredients good for my Dosha?
Should I eat the food based on my Prakriti only or Vikriti?


You’re invited to join our Vaidyas & Master Teachers of Ayurveda for a live, exclusive discussion on some of the hot topics in Ayurveda today! In this session, we will discuss one of our favorites: Ayurvedic diet. This is one of the most vital topics to understand as an Ayurvedic practitioner for supporting our clients to take care of themselves. It’s also one of the most challenging, as making changes to one’s diet goes beyond what’s on the plate. The Ayurvedic diet is a unique lifestyle approach.

As Ayurveda is adopted in more areas of the globe and by people with various food cultures, many questions arise. The Vedic texts very clearly define all aspects of diet: the energetics of food, meal timing, specialized diets during healing protocol, best preparation methods and eating guidelines. In this webinar, we’ll cover the most common misconceptions and elucidate the Vedic principles to correct them.



Vaidya. Sheena Sooraj (BAMS)
Vaidya. Karthik Krishnan (BAMS)
Vaidya. Kamya Pillai (BAMS, AWP)
Vaidya. Jayarajan Kodikanath (BSc, BAMS)




May 20, 2024
9:00 am UTC+0
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