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PK005: Panchakarma Practicum Level 2 – Purvakarma II and Shamana

July 16 @ 7:08 pm UTC+0

This second class in the practical series of the Panchakarma Technician certification continues the Purvakarma therapies introduced in the previous practical, and introduces Swedana and Shamana therapies. We’ll discuss a variety of case studies and evaluate, recommend and provide therapies for live cases.



In-class only


Topics include
Swedana Therapies:
  • Anagneya Sweda (Sudation without heat):
    • Upanaham (Oil and herbal paste).
  • Agneya Sweda (Sudation with external heat).
  • Tapa Swedam (Dry heat):
    • Choorna Swedam (Powder bolus).
    • Valuka Swedam (Sand bolus).
  • Ushma sweda (Moist heat):
    • Bashpa swedam (Steam bath).
    • Pathra Potali Sweda (Leaf bolus)
    • Jambira Pinda Sweda (Lemon bolus).
    • Shashtika Pinda Sweda (Rice bolus).
  • Snehana & Swedana (Oil & Heat):
    • Choorna Pinda Swedam (Powder bolus with oil).
    • Kayaseka (Pizhichil – The Royal Oil bath).


Shamana Therapies:
  • Thakradhara (Shirodhara with herbalised buttermilk).
  • Ksheeradhara (Shirodhara with herbalised milk).
  • Kati Vasti (Warm oil retained on lower back).
  • Greeva Vasti (Warm oil retained on neck).
  • Janu vasti (Warm oil retained on knee).



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July 16, 2024
7:08 pm UTC+0
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