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Yoga and the Five Elements

June 21 @ 10:17 am UTC+0

Beginners and advanced practitioners are all welcome to a special event with guest presenter, Subhash Mohanty.


join us for 3 special days! together we’ll:
  • Practice Yogic exercises to recharge the body with cosmic energy.
  • Perform Pranayama or Yogic breathwork to help release stress, declutter the mind and attain perfect equilibrium and harmony.
  • Chant and understand the meaning of Yogic Mantras designed to promote self-healing and innate well being.
  • Practice Mahabhuta Mudra or finger postures to remove the unwanted negative blocks from the mind, as well as toxins from the body.
  • Practice Pranakriya to bring the breath to a dynamic state.
  • Participate in a healing meditation to promote mental and emotional balance, encourages positive thinking.


In nature, we there are five elements composing all life – earth, water, fire, air and space. These elements are the basis of all creation according to the ancient sciences of life, Ayurveda and Yoga. According to this holistic perspective, fluctuations in the delicate balance of these elements may result in disease-causing imbalance. Restoring balance of the elements is a primary goal in Ayurveda and Yoga for targeting the root cause of illness.

Purification of the five elements within the human body is known as Bhuta Shuddhi. It helps one achieve ultimate well-being of both the body and the mind. In this special workshop, Yogi Subhash Mohanty will help you understand the benefits of practicing this esoteric Yogic science through Yoga asanas, pranayama and kriyas. You’ll learn the authentic principles and be guided through each traditional practice, learning and healing with the ancient methods Vaidyas and sages have used for thousands of years.


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Sep 30-Oct 2, 2019

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About the instructor

Subhash Monhanty (Grade certification at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation) or “Mohanty Ji,” as he is fondly greeted, has taught at Kerala Ayurveda’s AyurvedaGram Wellness Center outside of Bangalore for over a decade. He trained at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation and has presented research papers at The International Yoga Conference in Rishikesh.

His company is elevating to the consciousness as he seamlessly transmits advanced Yogic concepts into simple and practical tools, teaching the art of Yogasana (postures), Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. Rooted in pure Indian tradition, Yogi Mohanty makes the ancient wisdom of the ages easily accessible and relevant to the challenges of our busy modern way of living. His teachings touch the lives of diverse students, from beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers. Students may swiftly experience a tangible difference with reduced stress, improved health and uplifted well-being under his gentle teaching style.


June 21, 2024
10:17 am UTC+0
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