Marma Therapy for Energy Healing

in person & Live streamed | 27 hours

Learn the most ancient form of ancient touch-point healing

Marma is an ancient and powerful touch-based healing modality. In this introductory course, you’ll learn the vital energy points in the body and how they can be effectively stimulated for better energy flow, or Prana. Increasing Prana can benefit physical, emotional and mental health, including positive shifts such as stress reduction, better sleep, enhanced energy levels and improved mood. Marma can be performed at home as part of a self-care ritual and incorporated into a holistic healing practice.

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Course Information

Feb 23-25, 2024
Live streamed and in person
3 days plus a 2-hour bonus mentoring session
Milpitas, CA
Earn continuing ed credits

We encourage members of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association to submit your completed course transcript for PACE credits.

Who should study Marma Therapy?

This course is designed for all levels and is perfect for Ayurvedic students, body workers and massage therapists to upskill, as well as holistic health enthusiasts who wish to learn self-healing techniques.
There is no prerequisite.
Our Principles of Ayurveda self-paced, 15-hour online course is included with this program’s tuition and is recommended for anyone who is new to Ayurvedic foundational principles such as the elements, Doshas and Prakriti.
This course will help you

What to expect

This course is designed to educate passionate students and professionals of the Vedas in the ancient art and science of Marma Vidya as a holistic modality for health and healing. The profound benefits of Marma Therapy encompass the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and conscious planes.

Participants will be well versed with the concept of Marma, classification of Marmas, individual Marma points and their relevance in mind-body functions, indication and contraindications of marma therapy. Participants also will gain knowledge on practical application of Marma Therapy and developing protocols based on Prakriti and health status of the individual.

What do I get with my course?


History and origins of Marma Therapy, the root Vedic knowledge as part of Kalari martial arts and healing therapies

The History & Origin of Marma

Discover the original root knowledge of vital point healing. Marma Therapy is a sacred knowledge practiced for thousands of years and documented in the Vedic texts of ancient India. Marma Therapy was used and perfected by the Kalari warriors, whose profound knowledge inspired newer lineages of martial arts and healing arts throughout East Asia. This root Vedic knowledge is what we teach in Kerala Ayurveda’s training.

Marma Therapy energy healing classifications for marma points and vital energy points on the body

Marma Classifications

Marma refers to the vital energetic points of the body where both deep healing and trauma can occur. This course will provide a comprehensive education on what and where these points are located.

Benefits of Marma for health and energy flow healing

Benefits of Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy has myriad benefits for general health addressing all aspects of the self – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This training will prepare you with realistic expectations for the practice as well as how to maximize the benefits.

Indications and Contraindications

Marma Therapy is not as widely known as its spinoff touch therapies because its power was respected – the power to both heal and potentially harm, depending on how it is used. It’s important that all students of Marma Therapy understand its best practices and safety precautions.

Marma Therapy training hands on touch therapy for energy and flow face neck hands feet abdomen

Indications and Contraindications

A large portion of this training will cover concepts for Marma Therapy and hands-on practice performing Marma for the face and neck; hands, feet and legs; head; chest and abdomen.


Vaidya. Jayarajan Kodikannath


Vaidya. Jayarajan is the Lead Faculty, Chief Ayurvedic Consultant and CEO of Kerala Ayurveda USA, responsible for developing rich program offerings internationally. He has 25+ years clinical experience and has trained thousands of Ayurvedic practitioner. Read more >


Revathi Raghavan is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Marma Chikitsa Trainer, and a Yoga and Meditation Instructor. She has trained over 350 Marma practitioners in the US where she is considered the eminent Marma wisdom keeper. Read more >

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February 23-25, 2024

Super early special - save $50 through December 14

Kerala Ayurveda Certification Program Students & Alumni

$525 $475

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Frequently asked questions

There is no prerequisite for joining this course, though it is recommended that you have an understanding of basic Ayurvedic principles. We include free access to our 15-hour, self-paced online courses Principles of Ayurveda to assist you in learning the basics.
Your Marma Therapy for Energy Healing course materials will be accessible for 12 months from the start date of this course, including any class recordings. Please note that your free access to Principles of Ayurveda will be for 6 months from your course registration.
You’ll receive access details for Principles of Ayurveda with your course registration confirmation email for Marma Therapy. Please contact support@keralaayurveda.us if you need assistance.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Please bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Water and tea are available at our Academy & Wellness Center if you attend in person.
Your certificate will be available in the elearning system for download after your course attendance has been verified, your assignments are completed and graded, and your test has been completed with a passing score.
It is not advisable to practice Marma Therapy on a client remotely.
Participants will be able to incorporate the Marma Therapy for self-care, life enhancement and stress management with their family and friends. Those who possess the necessary credentials to practice touch therapy may include Marma in their wellness practice when coupled with their already existing scope of practice. This program on its own will not provide a license to touch. This program does not provide the student with credentials to teach Marma Therapy.
This depends on your location. Please see the Scope of Practice for more information, and check the guidelines designated by your local city or state. This certificate does not grant the recipient a license to touch, which may be required. It is the individual’s responsibility to be compliant.
A massage table is recommended for the comfort of both the giver and receiver.
Yes, you can perform Marma Therapy while pregnant; however, it is not advisable to receive it while pregnant.
Yes, for this course training experience it is OK. As a regular practice, it is not recommended that you receive (or give) Marma during your cycle.