Enhance your Yoga practice with Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences rooted in the same ancient wisdom, and they work harmoniously together. With Kerala Ayurveda's courses, you can unlock deeper levels of healing and consciousness-building with the science of life!

$250 OFF Holistic Ayurvedic Coach Certification

Holistic Ayurvedic Coach (HAC)


6 months - 300 hours

Do you wish to lead a more holistic life and help others do the same? The HAC program introduces you to Ayurvedic principles for living in harmony with nature.

Principles like the elements, Doshas, individual mind-body constitution and Ayurvedic psychology are core foundations at this level of study.

You'll gain valuable tools for improving your wellbeing through daily and nightly rituals, diet and mindful practices.

20% OFF Workshops & Online Programs

For the beginner - start light

Build a foundation in the ancient principles, learning from a Master Ayurvedic Scholar and Clinician. Be introduced to the elements, Doshas, individual constitution, nutrition, disease prevention and more.

On demand

Eligible for continuing ed credits – learn more.

Our most popular workshop! The ancient secrets of beauty for inner and outer radiance are revealed. Learn to personalize your routine using ingredients from nature, lifestyle and diet.

June 29-30 – in person and live streamed

Train in the most ancient touch-therapy healing methods. Expand your healing toolkit with Prana-balancing techniques for mind, body and spirit.

Sep 20-22 – in person and live streamed

For the more advanced - go deeper

Study Ayurveda the way the ancients did - straight from the Vedic texts! Over 15 on demand sessions available.

On demand

Deepen your Ayurvedic studies with knowledge of its mother language.

On demand

Train in the clinical applications of the herbs and formulations as documented in the ancient texts. Recommended for advanced students.

On demand

Train in the ancient assessment techniques and learn how to identify individual constitution and imbalances.

In person + live streamed

What's special about studying at Kerala Ayurveda Academy


Kerala Ayurveda was established along the banks of the Cochin River in Kerala, South India in 1945. Built upon 6 generations of healers, Kerala Ayurveda today continues the ancient traditions. This unbroken lineage of indigenous wisdom is more relevant today than ever before, and it's part of our mission to continue preserving and sharing it.


Our faculty roster includes highly experienced Ayurvedic BAMS Doctors, scholars and educators trained in India, with combined experience in both India and the U.S.


Learn from anywhere! All of our programs include live streamed format options, and are conducted during evenings and weekends.


Studying with Kerala Ayurveda Academy invites you to join one of the largest Ayurvedic groups in the U.S., which is also part of a global network spanning academies, hospitals, retreat centers, clinics and products.

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Our Academy & Wellness Center

In person classes are offered at our flagship U.S. Academy and Wellness Center located in the heart of Silicon Valley, nestled between the golden-green East Bay Hills, majestic Santa Cruz Mountains and beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Elearning + live streaming technology

Study from anywhere! All of our course include access to our robust elearning system. Live streamed classes are conducted using Zoom and provide students an opportunity to study live and interact with faculty.