Panchakarma Specialist and Academy Faculty

Her belief, love, and passion to heal and help people to walk towards optimal health Spiritually using Sattvik and natural means led her back to her roots from where she comes to Ayurveda. She believes that touch is the best source to heal people and to reach their heart.

Alka is a graduate Practitioner from Kerala Ayurveda Academy and has earned her diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences and Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner. She is also a certified Panchakarma Technician from Kerala Ayurveda Academy and specializes in Panchakarma detoxification treatments. She has been trained in these Traditional healing techniques from well-known Ayurveda colleges in India. 

She is also a California Licensed Massage Therapist graduated from Everest College, San Francisco. She has been helping her clients since 2006 and specializes in Swedish, trigger point, sports, pre-natal, post pregnancy and Infant massage techniques.

With her diverse training background, Alka combines her knowledge of Western massage techniques with Traditional Ayurvedic preventive measures for complete mind-body healing. For the past 8 years she has assisted clients successfully in maintaining optimal health naturally through diet, lifestyle, yogic exercises and meditation. She is a compassionate and inspiring practitioner of Ayurveda and is committed to providing services to humanity.