Ayurvedic Practitioner & Panchakarma Specialist

Izumi is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Panchakarma Technician, offering Ayurvedic consultations and bodywork techniques. She specializes in detoxification and rejuvenation programs with an emphasis on harmonizing the mind and body with solutions in diet and lifestyle.

She believes in wellness through sustainable changes to lifestyle for lasting health which are practical and achievable. As an artist, she finds the science of Ayurveda a rich well of both creative and practical solutions, and enjoys helping health seekers discover new ways to support their personal health needs.

A passionate cook, she introduces clients to healthy recipes as well as supportive perspectives on nutrition and diet. Coming from a Japanese background, Izumi applies the universal principles of Ayurveda to her own native cuisine and assists health seekers in adapting the principles of Ayurveda to their own personal lifestyle and culture.