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Discover how seasonal cleansing can help you restore balance and actually prevent future disease

One of the main processes of healing the system in Ayurveda is cleansing, and it’s more relevant today than ever before due to the increase of water and air pollutants, food contamination, pesticides and chemicals in our environment. While the human system is intelligently designed to naturally detox on its own, the sheer volume of stress and toxins in today’s world can overtax our systems. This leads to buildup and blockages, hindering those self-healing mechanisms. If left unchecked, accumulated toxins cause disease. A proactive cleanse eliminates the clutter, restores balance and can prevent disease from developing.

Sign it's time to cleanse
Did you know that many of the cleansing and detox programs out there are actually damaging and depleting?

Most of us are invigorated to clean up our act during the new year, but for those of us in the winter season, this is not an optimal time to cleanse. Additionally, many of the detox programs and trends out there today involve harsh cleansing protocols, with no plan for rejuvenation. When done incorrectly, cleansing can be depleting and even damaging to our systems.

An Ayurvedic cleanse is effective and safe

Fortunately, the ancient wisdom of traditional Indian medicine provides clear guidelines on how to perform cleansing safely and effectively by aligning with the seasons, personalizing the process to your unique needs, and including rejuvenation. Detoxification the Ayurvedic way includes an all-important final phase of restorative and replenishing activity, which ensures the process will leave you feeling better, not depleted.

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