• Victoria Hirsch

    Victoria grew up attending yoga and meditation classes with her mom, which eventually led to her first Ayurvedic weekend workshop when she was still in high school. This spurred a deep personal interest in Ayurveda, so during college, Victoria studied Ayurveda formally for the first time at Manipal University in Karnataka, India. From here, her Ayurvedic studies went from a personal interest to a professional passion.

    Immediately upon graduating college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2016, Victoria moved to California to enroll in Kerala Ayurveda's Counselor Program. This led to enrollment and then graduation from Kerala's Practitioner Program in 2019, including a practical and theoretical study of Ayurveda at Kerala's Health Village and AyurvedaGram in India.

    Upon completion of the practitioner program, Victoria moved back to Alabama to open her own Ayurvedic practice, Bella Ayurveda, with the intention of making Ayurveda more accessible to people in the south. Also upon graduation, Victoria joined Kerala's team as the mentor for the counselor level program. She loves studying with the students and witnessing first hand how the international Ayurvedic community continues to grow every year.

    Personally, Victoria lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her fiancé and their dog Blueberry. She enjoys cooking, hiking, and gardening in the beautiful Birmingham environment! She lives by the motto of doing things to honor your body and thinks that everything Ayurvedic is directed towards this goal.