Career Opportunities in Ayurveda

If you’re called to Ayurveda for professional development, there are many exciting career opportunities to explore. At Kerala Ayurveda, we offer certifications and beginner programs based on the traditional teachings of the ancient texts. Our curriculum is designed in alignment with professional organizations like the National Ayurvedic Medical Association to ensure we set our graduates up for success as practitioners. That said, the field of Ayurvedic medicine is unique, and the applications of Ayurveda are broader than conventional wellness. We also encourage our students to think outside of the box and consider how they can bring the indigenous healing lifestyle wisdom of Ayurveda to all industries and sectors of our globe. It’s through this broader holistic approach that we can truly shift humanity and our planet into balance.

The seeds of change: Ayurvedic principles for wellness in all industries

There are several powerful principles in Ayurveda that guide its applications and support broad job opportunities.

Elemental and based on natural forces 

Ayurveda is called “the science” or “knowledge of life” because it is more than just a healthcare science. It is a holistic approach to understanding the universe through the fundamental elements that make it up – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Whether you’re applying Ayurveda to the human body or the food on your plate, plants in the garden or money, rivers, or airplanes, the elements are part of the equation. Ayurveda is a science for everyone and all industries.

Mind-body medicine and consciousness-tapping

Harnessing the power of the mind is instrumental in optimizing our lives. Ayurveda offers a unique and in-depth understanding of the layers of consciousness which contribute to our state of being. Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, plant-based medicine and mindful techniques through its sister science, Yoga support individual personal development in parallel with community building for a better world. Healthy habits are important both at home and in our workspaces, as well as in the very structure of our business and commerce. Ayurveda jobs can support the well-being of individuals, companies, and regions.

“True health” has universal applications

These universal principles apply to everything in the universe, which means you are not limited to using Ayurveda for conventional healthcare. “There is no inside or outside,” which means your environment, including the weather, people, town and city are all factors in your makeup. True health, according to Ayurveda, considers both the individual as well as the community, and all facets of life. This is the power of indigenous wisdom, and it means your Ayurvedic knowledge can apply to a career in business, finance, construction, architecture, art, education, engineering, retail, government, and more.

Conventional wellness career paths

Become an Ayurvedic health & wellness professional

It might seem obvious, but we receive many questions from prospective students who are wondering if they can practice Ayurveda in the U.S. Yes, you can! Ayurvedic wellness is an alternative health practice in the U.S., as it is currently unlicensed. It’s important to align with a comprehensive and authentic training program to ensure you build the right foundation in Ayurvedic principles and methods. Currently, there are three levels of professional Ayurvedic certification in the U.S. recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, and our academy offers training in all of them. With this knowledge, you can offer specialty services in health prevention or disease management, depending on your training level and scope of practice. This path is the perfect route for you if you are entrepreneurial-minded and interested in running your practice or collaborating with other health professionals to form a clinic.

Incorporate Ayurveda into your existing healing practice

Ayurveda enhances any existing healing practice, Eastern or Western, conventional or alternative. Many of the Ayurvedic graduates today come from the following backgrounds:

Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Naturopaths
Yoga Instructors and Yoga Therapists
Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists
Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers
Estheticians, Spa Owners
Nutritionists and Dietitians
Life Coaches, Counselors and Therapists

The number of patients is increasing who seek alternative solutions outside of conventional allopathic medicine. In turn, holistic methods like Ayurveda become higher in demand. There are abundant possibilities for alternative practitioners to enhance their toolkit with Ayurveda as well. The holistic and personalized approach of Ayurveda allows practitioners from all modalities to build a niche for their business. Ayurvedic practitioners learn to assess individuals based on their unique mind-body constitution or Prakriti, which unlocks a level of customization for the deepest levels of healing transformation. By understanding your client’s inherent personality traits, physical characteristics, and tendencies towards imbalances, you can tailor your treatments, recommendations, and remedies just for them.

Apply Ayurveda to your existing career, or start a new one

We can’t emphasize enough how the sky is the limit with Ayurveda. The learning journey is truly transformative and helps you to align with your Dharma or life purpose. Your Dharma includes your profession and is a lifelong exploration. 

Many of our graduates use their Ayurvedic knowledge as a platform for job opportunities to:

Offer Ayurvedic food services, catering, restaurants
Become an Ayurvedic content creator
Offer classes and workshops in Ayurvedic self-care for individuals and families
Educate business professionals through corporate wellness services
Enhance teaching, coaching, and counseling services
Launch a wellness-themed podcast or video channel
Write articles, blogs, and books
Open a spa, retreat center or offer travel experiences
Create Ayurvedic and beauty products

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It’s important to be aware that the career opportunities in Ayurveda are evolving and pioneering. This is an exciting time for exploring the possibilities and also invites Ayurvedic graduates to approach their career with dedication, open-mindedness, and reverence for their personal Dharma. It’s also vital that we support each other in navigating the future of our industry, understanding that it is a health industry and more. As humanity continues remembering and connecting with the ancient wisdom of holistic living, we look forward to exploring more with you.

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  • Jamila Colozzi

    Jamila is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor (AWC), Yoga Teacher (CYT) and Level I Reiki Practitioner. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature & Journalism from New York University and channels her combined marketing skills, artistry and ancient wisdom to spread content seeds that elevate the attention economy, promote healing and radical planetary growth. In her dedication to...


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Career Opportunities in Ayurveda

If you’re called to Ayurveda for professional development, there are many exciting career opportunities to explore. At Kerala Ayurveda, we offer certifications and beginner programs based on the traditional teachings

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