Experiences to cherish: visiting the heart of Ayurveda and Yoga

“The plants, falling from heaven, said ‘The man, whom living we pervade, will not perish.'”



In the summer months, the weather is warm and balmy in Kerala, land of the coconuts. Rains feed the vast network of life flowing from the Western Ghats, the majestic mountains lining the Kerala state of southwestern India. Thousands of medicinal plants grow in this tropical paradise. The mountains have supplied the people of this region with healing as well as protection from outside influence. Here the Vedic traditions have been practiced, passed on from generations of healers, known as Vaidyas. Though medicinal plants grow throughout the natural world, it is only in the birthplace of Ayurveda where a 5,000-year-old legacy of health science is still practiced. As preserving the ancient wisdom is our mission at Kerala Ayurveda, sharing the heart of Ayurveda and Yoga is sharing our heart with yours.


Our India Immersion program offers rich cultural and educational opportunities, though we observe a common theme amongst everyone’s favorite memories: they cherish the connections.


Connection with the community

Lunch service on a traditional Kerala houseboat cruise through the backwaters


Connections with Kerala’s noble creatures

Elephant encounters in the Kerala jungles


Connection with nature

Rapids in the untouched nature of Periyar National Park


Connection with something greater

Hike in Periyar National Park, Western Ghats mountain chain


Connection with new friends met along the journey

Chenda Melam – traditional Kerala percussion group


Connections with current friends, deepened

Walking paths in the gardens of AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Center


Connection with the Self

Yoga class at AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Center


We are proud of our lineage and the dynamic resources we have to offer – a vast network of Ayurvedic clinicians, herbals gardens, cutting edge research and a herbal manufacturing unit. But what we are most gratified to share is the space to connect with something profound, which manifests in all of the above ways. The inner healer, or Vaidya, is within you always, and simultaneously all-pervading. It sprouts in plant form, flows in water, awaits us in silence and spreads through the joyful vibration of human laughter.


Our next India Immersion is coming summer 2020!

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  • Jamila Colozzi

    Jamila is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor (AWC), Yoga Teacher (CYT) and Level I Reiki Practitioner. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature & Journalism from New York University and channels her combined marketing skills, artistry and ancient wisdom to spread content seeds that elevate the attention economy, promote healing and radical planetary growth. In her dedication to...


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