The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda Academy is pleased to announce that our CEO and Director, Vaidya. Jayarajan Kodikannath and alumnus, Alyson Young Gregory cowrote the newest Ayurvedic publication, The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda: Principles, Practices, and Recipes for Happy, Healthy Kids. This is an exciting opportunity for both Ayurvedic enthusiasts and all holistic-minded parents to discover practical ways to support themselves and their loved ones.

It’s no coincidence that the first book from Kerala Ayurveda USA’s CEO is about family. In addition to being a father, the majority of Vaidya. Jayarajan’s students are parents and caretakers, just like his coauthor, Alyson. They’re also passionate about sustainability and our “big family” – all the organisms of the earth. At a time when the state of our planet’s health can feel overwhelming, The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda is both an empowering resource and tool for activism. As Ayurveda teaches us, there’s no inside or outside. We’re all connected, and our personal and family health is directly connected to greater whole. 

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The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda will be released August 23, 2022 and you can find it from all major book retailers.

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The first book to comprehensively address Ayurveda for today's parents

Ayurveda is an ancient system originating in the modern subcontinent of India, documented to 4,000 years ago and suspected to have a much longer oral tradition. It’s recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and gaining increasing popularity due to celebrity participation in Panchakarma cleansing programs.  Ayurveda offers vast resources as a total healthcare system, and trained Ayurvedic practitioners and therapists can implement its various health supports and interventions. It is also guided by an underlying philosophy that self inquiry and a deep connection to natural rhythms can empower you to prevent disease by living optimally, rather than a reactive-only approach treating symptoms.

Ayurveda is only helpful if you can implement it in your daily lives, and that includes your families. Together, Alyson and Vaidya. Jayarajan have broken down the science of Ayurveda into easy-to-understand, practical tips. These are applied to relatable scenarios that every parent encounters, like bedtime and managing screen time. It’s considered the parent’s complete guide because it has everything you need to support your children’s overall health and immunity. In our current world where environmental toxicity is at an all-time high, the mind and body’s natural defenses are our children’s best allies.

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What's included in "The Parent's Complete Guide to Ayurveda"

Ayurvedic tenets to live by for living in harmony with nature, yourself, and your family members

The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda takes the reader on a journey through Ayurvedic study, covering all the basics every holistic-minded parent needs to know. You might be surprised by how intuitive the approach feels as you uncover a roadmap to parenting based on circadian rhythms. You were born to live this way! The very act of synchronizing with mother earth can be a healing and fun experience for you and your family.

Demystify the mind-body-spirit approach

Part of Ayurveda’s edge comes from its mind-body-spirit perspective. This approach isn’t limited to spiritual practices or Yogis. Ayurveda details the mind-body connection in a logical and scientific manner. By learning to connect mental, physical and emotional expressions, you can become a whole human, and see your children wholly as well.

Practical tips to navigate balance in everyday life like bedtime, mealtime, playtime and communication

There are so many parenting techniques available today and even more health advice. Consider The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda as a resource that stands out from the crowd. Because let’s face it, a 4000+ year track record is hard to beat.

Part of what allows Ayurveda to stand the test of time is how the science is designed in such a universal manner. It translates to the science of life, and is a science of everything in the universe. Earthlings will be able to apply its principles for as long as Earth lives. That said, the ancient texts did not predict cell phones or genetically modified foods. It takes reading between the lines to draw conclusions on applying the science today, which is exactly what Vaidya. Jayarajan and Alyson accomplish. 

About the authors

Vaidya. Jayarajan Kodikannath (BSc, BAMS) is the CEO of Kerala Ayurveda USA and Academy Director. He has 25 years of experience as an Ayurvedic Doctor (Vaidya – BAMS) in both India and the U.S. He has helped thousands of individuals of all ages on their wellness journey, including Ayurvedic students of Kerala Ayurveda Academy. He lives in the Bay Area, CA with his wife and son, who support his life purpose to Ayurveda.

Alyson Young Gregory is a mother, Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC) and Registered Yoga Teacher, as well as an experienced parenting media writer. After earning her Ayurvedic certificate from Kerala Ayurveda Academy, she joined the team as an Editor for the company’s product sector.   

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The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda was released August 23, 2022 and you can find it from all major book retailers. Don’t forget to get some extra copies as gifts!


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