Upgrade your life with a level I Ayurvedic training

We’re living in a very interesting time on our planet. On one end of our human curiosity, we are exploring genomes and life forms on other planets. Meanwhile, we are still trying to understand the inner workings of our minds and bodies. What is the right food to eat? What is the best exercise and lifestyle for longevity? How do we find quality information, and make sense of what is seemingly contradictory? The questions are endless concerning our well-being, and that of our planet. This makes the ancient holistic science of Ayurveda more relevant than ever before.


 Why become an Ayurvedic Counselor?

Meet our Academy Director, Vaidya. Jayarajan Kodikannath (BSc, BAMS) to learn about the AWC journey


Kerala Ayurveda Academy conducts training in Ayurveda for both self help and professional applications. Our first level of certification is the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program, a 600-hour, 1-year program. It is a comprehensive training in all aspects of foundational principles for living, for the self and others. We’ve been conducting this program for over a decade, enhancing its format and curriculum to match the growing needs of our pioneering Ayurvedic community in the West.


Learning from the core of your being

Imagine a body of knowledge which you learn not just with your brain, but in your body as well. Ayurveda is a living science, which means its knowledge is not based on theory alone, but actual life experience – mind, body and spirit. It means “the science of life,” and is a science beyond just human health. Ayurveda encompasses the entire universe – for everything is connected according to Ayurveda. This kind of learning is transformational! The validation of this: at each graduation ceremony, the family members of our graduates often express how they have experienced a positive shift in their entire family’s life as a result of the student’s course work. Ayurveda empowers individuals to learn from the inside out, to become the healthy change, and this unlocks unlimited potential to make a difference in the world.


the journey includes
  • Core Ayurvedic principles for cultivating a holistic view of the world
  • Diet, herbs and lifestyle practices
  • Personalization for well-being through individual constitution
  • Self-assessment and self-care tools
  • Deepened sense of life purpose
  • Clinical encounter training for coaching others in a preventive health lifestyle


What makes Kerala Ayurveda Academy unique

We are now celebrating our 75th anniversary at Kerala Ayurveda! Joining our Family is to become a part of one of the largest Ayurvedic networks on the globe. Since our inception on the banks of the Periyar River in Kerala, India – the birthplace of Ayurveda – we have grown into an industry leader in high quality, traditional Ayurvedic herbal products, healing centers, research and education. Touching almost a million lives globally, our mission is no smaller than to support a global shift towards sustainable, mind-body-spirit living.

Our team members are all graduates of the AWC program and passionate about Ayurveda. We are committed to supporting the future generations of Ayurvedic professionals, in conventional healing practices and beyond. We’re redefining health care.  While our programs like the AWC certification enable individuals to open a wellness, client-based practice, the opportunity is truly only limited by your imagination! Many of our alumni combine their knowledge of Ayurveda with other career paths and community solutions, carving unique niches as educators, product retailers, writers, chefs, web designers and more. Ayurveda is a universal science, which enables you to carve out a holistic career path involving all of your unique skills and background.


Learn more and start building your future

Join an upcoming informational webinar

Meet some of our team and learn more about this transformational learning journey! Visit our upcoming events page to find an upcoming informational webinar session.


Connect with our Enrollment Advisors to start building your future

If you are wondering how to fit Ayurvedic study into your life for your unique goals, our Admissions team is happy to connect with you. Our Enrollment Advisors are available for one-on-one sessions to support you in planning your learning journey. Complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch!




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  • Jamila Colozzi

    Jamila is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor (AWC), Yoga Teacher (CYT) and Level I Reiki Practitioner. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature & Journalism from New York University and channels her combined marketing skills, artistry and ancient wisdom to spread content seeds that elevate the attention economy, promote healing and radical planetary growth. In her dedication to...


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