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PK003: Panchakarma Practicum Level 1: Prep and Purvakarma I

July 16 @ 9:06 pm UTC+0


The first class of the practical series will introduce you to the hands-on knowledge and experience you will need to be a successful Panchakarma Technician, beginning with some of the preliminary Panchakarma therapies known as Purvakarama.



In-class only


Topics include
  • Scope of practice as a Panchakarma Technician.
  • Review stages and benefits of Panchakarma.
  • Guidelines for the client’s diet and lifestyle during Panchakarma.
  • Indications, contraindications, safety and precautions for the technician.


Hands-on practice topics include
  • Preparation of the client including draping techniques.
  • Setting up the Panchakarma table and room before the bodywork.
  • Snehana (Oleation):
    • Preparation of oils.
    • Abhyantara Sneha (Internal Oleation).
    • Bahya Sneha (External Oleation):
      • Abhyang (Oil application).
      • Shiro Abhyanga (Oil application on head).
      • Mukha Abhyanga (Oil application on face).
      • Pada Abhyanga (Oil application on feet).
      • Deha Abhyanga (Oil application on body).
      • Self-abhyanga
  • Specialty Abhyanga
    • Garbhini Abhynga (Prenatal oleation).
    • Sutika Abhyanga (Postnatal oleation).
    • Kumara Abhyanga (Oleation for babies).
  • Rukshana (Dry therapies):
    • Udwartana.
  • Swedana (Sudation):
    • Anagneya Swedana (Sudation without heat):
      • Upanaham.
    • Agneya Swedana (Sudation with heat)
      • Bashpa Sweda.
  • Marma Balancing Therapies.



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Current Students & Makeups

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July 16, 2024
9:06 pm UTC+0
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