Wellness Center Administrator

Sonali supports the flow and prosperity of the Wellness Center as our administrator, managing the daily functions of the center and initiating community outreach efforts. Also a level I AWC graduate of Kerala Ayurveda, she is a passionate health provider and student of the Vedas.

Prior to joining the Kerala Ayurveda team, Sonali worked with Microsoft in marketing and event management with expertise in business development and client management. She gained additional marketing and event experience with United Health Group through promoting their health products and insurance services, as well as organizing health fairs in collaboration with American Public Health Association and American Heart Association.

Sonali is inspired by the Ayurvedic teaching that we are all a part of nature. Coming from an Indian background, she has fond memories of her grandmother’s natural health remedies and enjoys tapping into these roots in her Ayurvedic practice. Having experienced firsthand the personal and professional transformation Ayurveda can provide, she believes that no matter how busy life gets, health can always be a priority.