India Internship

For Level II Ayurvedic Practitioners

Advanced clinical training in the birthplace of Ayurveda

15 days or custom schedule - in person only

Travel to the birthplace of Ayurveda and experience all that our parent organization, Kerala Ayurveda Limited has to offer as a full spectrum Ayurvedic industry leader. In addition to training under the expert guidance of our experienced BAMS Ayurvedic Doctors, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our seed-to-shelf product manufacturing processes and award-winning healing services.

All Ayurvedic students welcome

Course Information

Earn Continuing Education Credits: Students are encouraged to submit their program to the National Ayurvedic Medical Association for PACE credits upon completion.


  • Graduate or enrolled Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP) student with four modules of studies completed (through KAA204 – for more details, please consult the course catalog found on the AP course page)
  • Graduate or student (on clinical topics) of an equivalent program. Students from outside schools are required to submit an application before registering so we that can verify prerequisites.

Intern stories

What can I do with my India Internship training?

  • Ayurvedic students on a professional track may satisfy clinical training hours required for their program.
  • Graduates of professional Ayurvedic programs may earn continuing education credits and hone their skills as a clinician.
  • Shadow some of the most experienced Ayurvedic Doctors in the field for expert mentorship and guidance as you develop your practice.
  • Gain valuable exposure and insight into how Ayurveda is practiced as a fully-fledged medical system in India.
  • Witness the richness of India’s cultural legacy, intrinsically tied to Ayurvedic principles and ethos.

Schedule & Format

What are the format options for the India Internship?

Group Session

Group Sessions are designed to meet our level II Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP) program requirements. Prescheduled at set tuition rates and 15 days in length. Several sessions are offered per year.

Independent session

Custom internships may be arranged on an individual basis to meet your scheduling and hours requirements.


Upcoming Group Session dates:

April 1-15, 2024

July 5-19, 2024

Sept 23-Oct 7, 2024

Oct 21 – Nov 4, 2024

For detailed information on our U.S. and India Internship formats and requirements, download our Internship Guide.

Training Locations

The Health Village

Cochin, Kerala, India

The Health Village is an Ayurvedic healing center situated along the banks of the Periyar River, where life in Kerala has evolved for over five millennia. It is host to leading healing and rejuvenation programs focusing on Panchakarma therapies with specialties in arthritis, lower back pain, obesity, depression, infertility and impotence, and women’s health.

Amenities include:

  • On site restaurant, Mahānasam, offering a healing, vegetarian Ayurvedic menu with one of the best chefs in Kerala.
  • Yoga and meditation hall offering daily classes.
  • Ayurvedic pharmacy, on-call Ayurvedic doctors and nurses to address your health needs.
  • Library with Ayurvedic reference materials.
  • Riverside setting and healing medicinal herb gardens.
  • Free low band wifi.
  • Information desk and currency exchange (with advance notice).


Bangalore, India

Ayurvedagram is among the Top Five Ayurvedic health resorts in the country, internationally reputed for authentic Ayurveda treatments, Yoga and long term rejuvenation programs. Although located near Bangalore for convenience, the Ayurvedic soul of Kerala is channeled in its 30 acres of lush medicinal gardens, peaceful walking paths and antique traditional Kerala homes.

Amenities include:

  • On site restaurant, Ootupura, famous for its exclusive vegetarian Kerala-style preparations and other south Indian delicacies. 
  • Yoga, Pranayama and meditation hall offering daily classes.
  • Ayurvedic pharmacy, with on-call Ayurvedic doctors and nurses to address your health needs.
  • Library with Ayurvedic reference materials.
  • Fitness center.
  • Jogging/walking paths.
  • Medicinal herb gardens.
  • Free low band wifi.
  • Information desk and currency exchange (with advance notice).

Monastery Lane, Karimattathu, Aluva Munnar Road, Aluva, Kerala, India-683101


Hemandanahalli, Samethanahalli Post, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067


Note: Independent Internships are not available at this location.

Need more information or ready to join us?

Training Topics

Consultation, Clinical Assessment & Chikitsa

The core of the India Internship involves clinical assessment and skills training on the development of Chikitsa protocol. Interns will work on implementation protocols and follow-up procedures for live cases.

Herbology & Formulations

Bhaishajya Kalpana or herbs and formulations are covered as part of the Chikitsa protocol. Discussion of herbs, herbal blends, formulations and dosage is applied to real cases. Training locations offer onsite Ayurvedic pharmacies with Kerala Ayurveda's high quality, traditionally prepared herbs and formulations.


The Health Village and Ayurvedagram offer award-winning Panchakarma programs and services. Interns will explore how to assess client needs for detoxification and implement a complete Panchakarma Protocol.


Practice expanding your counseling abilities to connect with and serve as a trusted guide with your clients.


6 Case Papers with case history, assessment, Samprapti & Chikitsa are required to complete the India Internship.

Herbal Gardens & Product Factory Tour

Visit Kerala Ayurveda Limited's herbal gardens - host to thousands of medicinal plants, including rare and endangered species. The tour continues at our original Manufacturing Factory and Research & Development Unit to see how the traditional Vedic recipes are crafted.


Join our India Internship

Group Sessions


$500 deposit due upon registration. Payment plans available. Learn more in our Internship Guide.

Kerala Ayurveda Students
Transfer applicants from equivalent programs

Independent Sessions

If you’re interested in an Independent Internship, please support@keralaayurveda.us.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This internship is designed for level II Ayurvedic Practitioner students and graduates.
Registration closes three months prior to the start date.
Airfare to and from India is not included in the program fee. (Transport to and from Indian airports and between cities isincluded.) Attendees are required to book their own airfare. Please refrain from booking flights until our program minimum is met.
Trip fee is based on double occupancy, though limited single occupancy is available for an additional cost of $750. This must be arranged prior to arrival.
Please consult our Internship Guide for the most up-to-date information on arrival.
Yes! You are welcome to arrive earlier to The Health Village or stay later at Ayurveda Gram at an additional cost. Trip extensions must be made in advance directly with The Health Village or Ayurvedagram. Please consult our Internship Guide for the most up-to-date information on booking your stay.
It is not recommended to bring family as it can be very distracting during your internship, and you are busy for 10-hour days. However, we may be able accommodate family members (adults only) at an additional cost if necessary. Please notify us well in advance so necessary arrangements can be made. Accommodations, transportation, treatments, and meals will all be an additional cost.
Yes, you will need to obtain a tourist visa for your stay during the internship.
Kerala Ayurveda acknowledges that vaccinations are a personal choice. The government of India may have restrictions that you will need to adhere to enter the country for proof of COVID-19 testing. Please do your research prior to booking your travel arrangements to make sure that you can meet the requirements.
The weather in Cochin and Bangalore will be warm and humid most of the time, with the average recorded temperature of 78 degrees and occasional showers.
Food at The Health Village and Ayurveda Gram is vegetarian and prepared in the Kerala Ayurvedic style. There will be a buffet with multiple dish options for each meal. Please note: all non-vegetarian foods and alcoholic drinks are prohibited within the hospital and campus limits. If you have any special dietary requirements, make sure to let us know at least four weeks in advance. We do our best to accommodate as per available resources.
An afternoon of sightseeing will be arranged for interns, though additional time for sightseeing will not be available during the internship. If you arrive early or stay late, we can assist in planning additional sightseeing.
Please know that pulse diagnosis is not considered an exclusive or special method of diagnosis in Kerala. Kerala doctors rely more on the patient’s descriptions and a well-rounded assessment process using all tools.
At The Health Village and at Ayurveda Gram, there are libraries which you can use. All books should be returned to the library before you leave.
All locations will have low bandwidth Wi-Fi. Please note that internet disruptions do occur intermittently.
Please note that dates and locations are subject to change. Kerala Ayurveda Academy reserves the right to cancel the program if student enrollment minimum is not met. Interns should arrive prior to the program start date and leave after the completion date.