As Kapha Dosha is on the rise, we begin to feel the stimulating energy of rising Pitta, or fire energy from the sun. We become more active during this time, though the resulting release of winter’s frozen Kapha creates a challenging transition. The accumulated Kapha includes blockages and toxins which may contribute to common imbalances such as indigestion, allergies, brain fog, colds and flus. To support the mind and body’s release, several staples from our pantry can assist.

Dried Ginger

Warming, pungent and flavorful, dried ginger root pacifies Kapha and Vata, increasing Pitta. Ginger is perhaps the most well-known spice for improving digestion. Enjoy ginger tea in the Kapha period of the morning to wake your metabolism. Ginger blends well with other spices and is an excellent addition to any meal of the day.


Cinnamon is a flavor associated with winter holidays, though it is a great ally into the spring season. You can use dried cinnamon or purchase chunks of cinnamon bark. As it increases bioavailability of other spices, try combining cinnamon with other spices. Individuals who are Pitta-dominant will want to use cinnamon in moderation.


Cloves are the unopened buds of an evergreen and can be used ground or whole. They offer general digestive support and a distinctly pungent flavor. Add cloves to curries, homemade breads, rice or tea.


One of the wonder spices of Ayurveda, turmeric’s benefits are numerous. We love it in springtime for its digestive support, liver detoxification, inflammatory properties and immune boosting ability. Bring more turmeric into your life in spice blends for cooking as well as teas.

Mustard Seed

Like cinnamon, brown mustard seed is a warming spice which pacifies Kapha and Vata, though it can be used with less caution by Pitta-dominant individuals than the ultra-warm cinnamon. Sharp and flavorful, mustard seed is a delicious component in savory meals. Traditionally mustard seeds are sauteed in ghee until they “pop” and then added to a dish just before serving.

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The spices of spring – balancing Kapha