The most common sign that Vata Dosha is out of imbalance occurs in the form of tension or nervousness. You may notice that during the winter time, you experience more anxiety than usual. The increase of social and economic demands at this time can create added pressure to the situation. Meditation is a wonderful tool for pacifying Vata, though imbalanced Vata may struggle to stay focused during the practice.

Enter Mantra: Vata’s best friend for meditation! 

As the background static of the mind includes words and sounds, repeating a silent or vocal mantra helps elevate the consciousness from restless to peaceful. 


Chanting AUM has a calming and uplifting effect. Full pronunciation of AUM moves the sound vibration from the abdominal region on the Ahhh-sound, to the heart with the Uuuu-sound, up to the head using the Mmmm-sound. By focusing on these areas of the body with each syllable of the mantra, you stimulate neurological connections to the brain and create a healing effect.


Bija mantras, also known as “seed mantras” are associated with the seven primary Chakras or energy points of the human system. Bija mantras are used to balance the elements in the individual Chakra centers and to balance the Doshas. LAM is the seed mantra for the root Chakra, at the base of the spine. By chanting LAM, the grounding energy energy of the root Chakra is balanced and stimulated, which naturally helps to reduce Vata Dosha. LAM promotes a feeling of safety, security, comfort and prosperity.

I am steady, safe, at the center of my being

When stress sends you spiraling, a centering mantra can be a quick and effective way to come back to your core. Make it your personal mantra, in just the right comforting words you need to hear.


If you can carve out meditation time for your mantra recitation, the results can be profound. And if you can’t, your mantra doesn’t need to be a fancy ritual. Mantras on holiday plane rides, morning walks or train ride commutes are just as powerful as those on the meditation mat.

Mantra can be performed in the mind, anytime and anywhere.


Winter balancing mantras ~ glow from the inside