Both purifying and strengthening, saffron (kumkuma)  is a great friend all year, though much appreciated in the transitional Ritusandhi

Ritusandhi from Kapha to Pitta Seasons

The Tridoshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha characterize the unique weather of each season, reflected in Nature’s ebb and flow of elements. The time in-between seasons is known as Ritusandhi, or the joint (sandhi) hinging together the seasons (ritu). Typically lasting about 15 days, Ritusandhi is a transitional period for orienting lifestyle routines into the upcoming season. In the Northern hemisphere, many of us are in the Ritusandhi between Kapha (spring) and summer (Pitta) seasons. This period includes both Kapha and Pitta seasonal elements, with Kapha weather (cold and wet) waning and coming to a close, and Pitta weather (hot and light) on the rise.

Rejuvenating gently into summer

It is common to experience symptoms of Kapha accumulation in the form of spring allergies, weight gain, water retention and other seasonal imbalances, all peaking in the middle of the spring season.

Saffron's balancing act

Saffron is considered Tridoshic, or balancing to all energies of the human system. It simultaneously aids with detox by flushing toxins out of the body, as well as nutrient assimilation and tissue (Dhatu) formation. Saffron can be enjoyed year round for these benefits, though the transition between spring and summer is especially conducive to gentle detox and dual restoration.

Ways to enjoy saffron

Saffron combines well with almost every Ayurvedic spice. Its poignant flavor may be added to both sweet and savory meals. Alone, it accents rice or makes a delectable tea. Mildly stimulating, saffron is known as an aphrodisiac.

Topically, saffron can be used as an acne treatment and lightening agent for skin, or as a root stimulator on the scalp to promote hair growth.

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Saffron: a royal rejuvenator and balancer