Anuradha Gupta

RYT-200, Certified AP, MMS, MBA, AD

Anuradha Gupta is a Certified Ayurvedic Doctor and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (200-RYT). She has been practicing at her own set-up, Ayurvedic Footprints since 2018.

Anu has been writing on Ayurveda and other subjects close to her heart like sustainability, for Art of Living, Sri Sri Tattva, and Art of Living Retreat Center since 2018. In 2020, she became a Content Specialist at Kerala Ayurveda and is now an AP Mentor. Anu’s great grandmother was an Ayurvedic Vaidya and continued practice in her village despite a colonial ban; the lineage was broken during India’s partition and revived now! Ayurveda benefited Anu’s own life greatly; she wants to give back to the community and enjoys the study, practice and teaching of Ayurveda and bringing its principles to people.

Anu studied Engineering at BITS (Pilani, India) and MBA at IIFT (New Delhi, India). A pedigree education was followed by a decade-long corporate career including teaching at a business school. Subsequently she gravitated towards the practice of meditation and yoga to deal with debilitating stress. Along her journey, she got involved with various practices like TA and Reiki and numerous nonprofits such as WWF, Amnesty International, Asha and Art of Living Foundation.

She now lives in California with her husband, has two children she dotes on and lovely cats. Service is Anu’s calling, and she continues to volunteer with many organizations including the Art of Living and Project Welcome Home Troops, is a Board Member of PFLAG SRV and a former NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) DEI committee member.

Anu hopes to leave the world a better place than she found it through the practice of Ayurveda and allied Vedic sciences