Dr. Leroy Perry

AWP Graduate - Sports Scientist, Chiropractic Orthopedist, Inventor - Los Angeles, CA

My main objective as a professional doctor is to educate my patients to help themselves, and that journey took me to Ayurveda. So Ayurveda, even though I’ve studied many different sciences has been the most comprehensive system of education in science that I’ve ever studied. It’s meant more to me as a sports scientist to really understand the overall body mechanics, nutrition and the entire philosophy of self help for patient education. I believe that every sports science doctor every chiropractor every medical doctor, every podiatrist, every dentist should learn Ayurvedic medicine. This is the basis now from my practice and has given me more information ways to help my patients that any other science I’ve ever studied. Learn more: www.drleroyperry.com

Katherine Lahey

AWP Graduate - Herbalist - Hawi, Hawaii

The authentic and unique education that I received at KAA has not only improved the quality of my own life and my understanding of how to maintain my own health, but has enabled me to become a confident, effective practitioner able to assist others. I never felt as if we were learning a pre-packaged model of Ayurveda that is so prevalent in the West. I am so grateful for everything this institution has given me. It is obvious that KAA is working to build an international network of competent Ayurvedic practitioners who can guide our future toward better health, happiness and sustainability based on this gift of ancient wisdom. I highly recommend this program for anyone serious about becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner and looking for a top quality, authentic educational experience.

Izumi Hirayama

AWP Graduate - Ayurvedic Practitioner - Fremont, CA

What I trust most about this school is the level of faculty and staff member commitment. Even beyond our program, the greatest gift is the outstanding community support KAA has created where we can all come together and keep learning from each other. The e-learning system KAA provides is really a great tool. With this we can review class video materials and ask questions by chat or e-mail, and there are growing numbers of archived materials available to us. This is just one example of how KAA keeps evolving to offer better and better support to current and past students. There is in the true sense a feeling of family: that we support each other in learning this great science. I’m really happy that I’m part of it now. Namaste!

Gurminder Sahasi

AWP Graduate, Clinical Psychologist - Fremont, CA

I joined this course to look after mine and my family’s health; and, if possible and practically viable for me, impart the information I gained to the larger community. Ayurveda is for everybody I am 74 years old. If I can do it everybody can do it!

Karen Dubi

AWP Graduate - Nutritionist - Seattle, WA

am a proud graduate…. I can truly say that the timeless science of Ayurveda along with the brilliant panel of teachers at KAA, have influenced me greatly. Their continued efforts to enhance the programs for the students and alumni has set the standards for KAA as a leading school for Ayurveda study.

Lois Kubota

AWP Graduate - Concord, California

I loved doing all the schooling here at Kerala. It has given me the ability to actually present wellness to other human beings… It’s been a great experience; it’s changed my life. Not only can I help other people but I can start with myself. I encourage you, if you’re interested in learning about wellness, learning about how to help other people, certainly check out our school.

Anjula Bhandari

AWP Graduate - Dental Specialist - Los Angeles, CA - Awarded by AAPNA as Best Student 2012

Besides my Indian origin, my dad’s love and passion for Ayurveda introduced me to this science at a very young age. I joined Kerala Ayurveda Academy in 2010 for my first level of training as Ayurvedic wellness counselor wondering whether the teaching would be as authentic as if I studied in India. I was impressed by the highly trained, knowledgeable and passionate teachers at the Academy. All had clinical experience of more than 9 to 10 years and never hesitated to share their knowledge and wisdom. I continued my education with Kerala Ayurveda Academy for the next Practitioner level and today would highly recommend this Academy to all who are looking for authentic knowledge, hands-on practical and clinical based training straight from the Vedic wisdom.

Renee Davenport

AWP Graduate - Neurosoma Practitioner - Los Angeles, CA

I’d like to express my high regard for the Academy. Their course curriculum is authentic classical Ayurveda, taught by instructors with competence in passing on their deep wisdom and understanding of Ayurveda. The amount of post-graduate support and continued learning opportunities are exceptional. I have recommended this school to others and all have thanked me later. If you are looking for valid, accessible schooling in America of the vast science that is Ayurveda, I recommend Kerala Ayurveda Academy.

Anna Luque

AWP Graduate - Nutritionist - Los Angeles, CA

As a nutritionist, implementing Ayurveda has enabled me to take my practice to a whole new level! I have found my true passion and focus on women’s health and fertility. I have not been able to find any course with such complete knowledge as the science of Ayurveda teaches. The continued support from KAA and its caring staff has been a true gift!

Rebecca Runze

AWP - Film Editor - Los Angeles, CA

I’m originally from from a film background – I do film editing and filmmaking, and then many years ago a very bad accident brought me onto a different road and I started to to look into Ayurveda. I started to take some Ayurvedic formulations which decreased my pain 25%… and now I’m on my way to becoming an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner. It has really changed my life – two years ago I went off pain medication completely, so now I want to go on and spread it into the community. Kerala Ayurveda Academy is a fantastic program because it brings you authentic teachers and Ayurvedic doctors from India that teach you all this this Vedic knowledge that’s been around for so long, and that we all need to know. 

Domenica Allende

AWC Graduate - MD - Mexico City, Mexico

I would actually recommend everyone to study this because it’s a way of really getting to know yourself, and by getting to know yourself you can make your life a better life… full of benefits, full of miracles. The more you know yourself and the more you know the people that surround you, the more benefits you’ll have. Each person is different according to Ayurveda; if you follow this – your life can change… you can decide what to eat, what type of exercise to do, what type of life to live. And this will lead you to live a happy life, to have a healthy life – a life that’s really enjoyable – by knowing yourself and knowing the things you need, things your body needs. If you really want to have a spiritual, mental and physical science to help you, I would really recommend for you to study Ayurveda.

Marissa Gant

AWC Graduate

Ayurveda came into my life after I had gone onto a Kripalu Ayurvedic wellness retreat… I recognized the ability to bring this science into business. Within two weeks I had enrolled into the Kerala Ayurveda program… I feel like there is a really strong connection with the practice of Ayurveda, the teachers are from India; it seems like a very distilled program and it is very credible, well-known and with a great network…. I’m beginning working with companies applying Ayurveda, and I just feel like it’s really taken into my life in a way that I’m embracing nature, coming into harmony with who I am, the cycles of the planet and really understanding wellness at a very deep level.

Lana Arus

AWC Graduate - New York, NY

I love Ayurveda! When I discovered Ayurveda, it completely changed my life. Now I understand and I see people, and everything around me so much better and so much more. I really would love to enhance my life and the life of people around me, so if I can implement it in my life and help my family, my friends, people who I love, that would be the blessing. Ayurveda is just a wonderful tool to balance your life and it brings you to the moment where you just feel happiness.

Sudhanshu Jane

AWC Graduate - Los Angeles, California

I’ve been in the high-tech industry for almost 25 years now, and I have believed in Ayurveda for almost all my life. Since I got an opportunity to enroll in this Academy, I really looked forward for it; I joined it and I initially I didn’t think that it will be such a big change. But once I joined, I really realized that it’s changed the way I am looking forward for the life around myself, around my profession and how I think about it. I’m looking forward to continue after my graduation to be an Ayurvedic student and Ayurvedic practitioner, and I will change the life around me as well as the other people who are associated with me.

Anu Bhutani

AWP Gradute, Yoga Practitioner - Seattle, WA

My experience as a student of Kerala Ayurveda has been life changing. I am in the process of becoming a Practitioner and feel blessed to have come to the best school for learning Ayurveda. The authenticity of the teachers and their caring simplicity has made the learning process superb. I have also visited AyurvedaGram in Bangalore, India as an AWC Intern. I recommend it all immensely. I highly recommend KAA wholeheartedly.