Morning rituals are important every day, though when the Kapha season of later winter and springtime begins, they become our keys to maintaining balance under the influence of Kapha’s heavy energy.
Kapha is one of the three Doshas, or primary energies which constitute life according to Ayurvedic philosophy. It is made up of earth and water elements and is responsible for essential functions in nature and in our systems. Kapha is the grounding energy which helps us fall asleep and rest soundly, though once day breaks, it’s time to emerge from the heavy and lethargic influence of this Dosha.
Especially if you wake up feeling groggy or tired, which is more common this season, these Ayurvedic rituals will help you restore balance so you can greet each day more ready and energized:

Rise with the sun

Around sunrise, we enter the Kapha time of the day. The longer we sleep into that Kapha period, the harder it is to awaken out of it. Rising close to sunrise, and ideally before sunrise if you tend to have trouble getting up, will ensure you rise at the optimal time for balancing your system. It might be difficult at first, but most people find they awaken without an alarm clock after several days of this pattern.

Hydrate and cleanse

Have some warm water, perhaps with lemon – warm water stimulates digestion to eliminiate toxins accumulated during the night.

Get moving

We need physical activity to awaken the body’s systems. Just 15-20 minutes of vigorous exercise will help to stimulate the organs and channels into their daytime processes. If you practice Yoga, a sun salutation with the sunrise is a beautiful way to harmonize the mind and body with solar energy of daytime.

Eat breakfast

It’s important to complete the warm water and exercise rituals prior to eating to ensure your body is clear and capable of processing a new meal. Eating breakfast then ensures you have the energy to begin your day. Skipping breakfast will deprive your body of necessary energy to function early in the day, weaken your Agni, or digestion, and your Ojas, or life force.
These simple morning rituals can support our overall balance on a daily balance and can be performed throughout the year, though it is easy to fall out of habit. As springtime approach, it is especially beneficial to align with the sun each morning to overcome any Kapha imbalances, beat morning grogginess and set your system up for success each day. Not only will you feel better in the morning, but you’ll observe improved health throughout the day.

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Simple rituals to reset your body’s clock and awaken energized for the day